Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Desi

Today is Desis birthday
I can't even begin to tell you how blessed I have been having
her in my life. I know that my dad and her had a good relationship
up in Heaven before she came down to earth. I am sure that she
made some promises to him (which she has kept).

I remember the day she was born but maybe we shouldn't share all the
events on that day. Let's just say, when she was put into my arms, everything
was alright. I was so excited to have a girl. I was so excited that
the first place I went after leaving the hospital was to Albertson's
to show her off. We have joked about that for many years now. I was just
so proud of her I wanted everyone to see her.

She always had a very strong will, smart and knew what she wanted.
She started knee boarding when she was about 3 years old. It didn't take
her long to learn how to do it. If she has a desire to do something...
she does it.

I remember one day she was stung by a bee and I was at work. My mom ran
out to American Fork to check on her and as she walked into the office
she heard the nurse asked if she was allergic to anything. Desis
response was: My mom said I am allergic to work.

If any of you know Desi, she is anything but allergic to work.
She has always taken pride in everything that she does besides
being very neat and clean. (I really miss having her live here
when she would clean my house)

Not only has she always been a good daughter to me but she
has always been strong in the Gospel. Even when I was not active.

We would go out to eat every Sunday with our good friends Jed and
Chuckie "funny huh" and Desi would stay home and go to church.
Now that is standing for what you believe in.
She is truly a Daughter of Heavenly Father whom stands as a

I am very proud of her. She is a great daughter, wife, mom, employee and

my best friend.
I can hardly believe that she has grown up so fast.

I thank my Heavenly Father that he has blessed me so much by sending me

one of his noble, valiant leaders to raise and have the opportunity to have her

in my life as a daughter and example.

We had so much fun being with her today and going to church with her and

her cute family. Thanks for everything.

Desi, I love you!


Jones Family said...

Ok, too many tears but thanks. I love being your daughter and friend. I think we have a relationship that many Moms and daughters want. Thanks for being my mom and best friend. I love you.

Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Des! I love you too! It was fun seeing those pictures because I remember her at the age like it was yesterday!!! It is amazing how fast life goes and I am so glad that she was and is so strong!! It was fun to think of that memory with Grandma..I could almost hear her laugh. I love to remember her laugh! Thanks for such a beautiful post and tell Desi I love her!!


Warner Family said...

Happy Birthday Desi. You are wonderful. Sonja, you are a GREAT mom!!!

Young Family said...

Happy Birthday Desi!! I love all the pictures and like Becky I remember it like it was yesterday. She is also lucky to have such a wonderful mother!!