Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last night when Jed got home I was telling him.

Me: Those ducks love that pool. They have been in it ever since I brought it home.

Jed: Umm, I don't think they can get out!

LOL....he was right. They were so glad when we got them out. Their pool now has steps for them to get out.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I know, it's either feast or famine. I guess I just have time today and lot's of thoughts. Chloee and Rosee got a new home today. I went and bought them a swimming pool. They are loving it. I tried to get them in the pool but they ran from me. One day soon, they are going to figure out that I am not going to hurt them. Silly Ducks!

I didn't even think twice about getting the pool today until I went to WalMart and paid for the pool. For most of you - you know that Derrik drowned in a little pool like this. It has been 29 years ago this month. I 'don't think' I have bought a pool since. I may know that part timers/Alzheimer. Wait, did I say 29 years ago ;0 Truly I am the only mom that is only 29 and has 'almost' 2 kids that are older then her.
It just really hit me as I went to pick it up and put it in my car. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I know - after 29 years it's time to let go! Easy said.....We just have a rule around here. NO ADULTS - NO KIDS ALLOWED. My poor grand kids. It's amazing I let them even breath.

So I need to go on about camp just a little more. It helps me to remember the neat things that we did.
1st off....I love that Stake Camp is every year. Oh yea, we have already had our 1st meeting for camp 2011. Is that crazy?
All the YCL's went up on Monday and we got things ready for everyone to come on Tuesday. It also gave us a little time to get to know our YCL's. We had 21 on Stake Staff this year.
Every morning we had a morning side. All the speakers were from the stake. One of the ladies that spoke - her husband had been in an awful accident on the farm and is paralyzed. He now goes around and does motivational speaking. She was amazing herself. She talked about realizing that she didn't HAVE TO do all that she does for her husband but that it was a choice. Very powerful! And her choice was to serve him and Him.

Of course we had crafts. Tooele now has the hot dog roasters too. They loved them.
On Wednesday we had a spiritual activity that started at 9:30 PM.
Oh yea....and I didn't even turn into a pumpkin.
We had a garden of Gethsemane. They did a little narration and then Jed spoke at that one for about 2 minutes, music and then the went to the next spot where Jed had built a cross and I had made a crown of thorns. They had a narration, speaker, music and then they all went up to the resurrection. The tree was covered in Christmas lights and they did the same...narration of what took place, speaker, music and then Pres. Drubay sang "Walk Tall". The spirit was amazing. I will always remember that sweet spirit that was there.

We got up early one morning (4:30) and went on a sunrise hike. We sat and watched as light came into the mountains, we listened as the birds sang. It was incredible.

I really liked Iron Chef. The wards are given ingredients up at camp and they have to come up with a dish using all the ingredients. It is judged on taste and looks. This year they had garlic, lemon and strawberries. I got to be one of the judges and let me just tell you.....Some of those wards are good cooks. That was fun.

I almost could I ever forget "The Moose".... It goes something like this. 'This is a repeat after me song' Da moose da moose - swimming in the water - eating his breakfast -where does he go? - He goes to sleep - he goes to sleep - he goes to sleep - This is the quiet part -"repeat in a quiet voice" Then it goes to the LOUD part- and then the Sad Part - da moose da moose -floating in the water - he eats no breakfast - where does he go? - He decompose -he decompose - he de com pose...... (LOL)

Best part of all though is going up and being around amazing youth and leaders. I have grown to love Sister Bruns who is so in tune with the spirit. Oh wait...I can't forget destiny. Our Stake President dedicated destiny, a place to go read your scriptures and each day there was a speaker. One of the days they had "When have you felt the Lords love around you". They let girls get up and share times in there lives that they felt our Saviors love. I can not believe all that our youth is going through in their lives. My life was such a fairy tale. I am so grateful to know that my Savior loves me. I know it because of the many times I have felt his presents, His arms around me, helping me with my heavy loads.

I have such a Strong testimony of girls camp. I truly believe that it is where many girls have 'life changing' moments. I am so grateful for the theme this year "The Lord is My Light". For I know that He is my light. I could not do what I do without him in my life. He is my Savior and my Redeemer and I love Him with all my heart.

Thanks girls for a great girls camp and I thank My Father in Heaven for knowing my desire to continue being with the youth and allowing me to go to camp with them.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I have a little catching up to do. It's been a while since I have blogged. It just seems like there is no down time.
Fathers day was nice. Jones & Peay's came over after church for dinner. It was nice to have some of our family that day. We did miss the rest of them.
Desi is so creative. Check out the tie that she made Jed for fathers day. It has a picture of all our grand kids on it. "oh yea, she's my daughter" :)
And this is "My Man"! He is such a good dad and grandpa. Heavenly Father Loves me.

Monday we headed up to camp. So I remember girls camp and braids. This has got to top it.....

I think her hair weighed so much it put her right out. (LOL)

Sorry Pres. I had to show this picture. He was such a great sport. I am learning that you have to be to be in the Stake Presidency. The girls just love him. He was up with us all week.

Camp was amazing of course. The theme this year was "The Light Of Christ". Everything was centered around our Savior. What an amazing theme. I have felt very humble this week. I have also felt my Savior by my side during some very hard struggles that our family is going through at this time. I really needed camp this year. I really needed to learn and know more about my Savior and know that He is there for me.

It was nice to get home though. I missed my goats and ducks and of grandkids. Our ducks got so big this week we had to let them out of their pen. All of our pets are now where they are suppose to be....NOT in my house.
Smell is much better....

While we were up at camp we missed Meagan's birthday so the Jone's came over last night and we had cake and ice cream. It is always nice to have family over. Thank goodness for birthdays.

Our house is coming little by little. We just seem to have different priorities - like girls camp.
I felt so blessed to be a part of this camp. It was really hard for me to leave Magna and the young women. When they called me to be an assistant camp director I felt like Heavenly Father really knew my desires of my heart. It has helped me to let go a little of 'Magna'. Now don't get me wrong, I will always be attached to my friends and memories there but I know that we are doing what we are suppose to be doing.

Friday, June 18, 2010

5 Cinemas (The Reel) PTA Summer Movies

Times are 11:30 & 1:30
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

June 22-24 Lassie
June 29-July 1 Monsters vs Aliens
July 6-8 Over the Hedge
July 13-15 School of Rock
July 20-22 The Prince of Egypt
July 27-29 Madagascar 2
August 3-5 Lemony Snicket
August 10-12 Bee Movie

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grandma day was today and we had fun. We had a sleep over and then we had to do the chores - bath the ducks, clean out their bed, feed the goats, make the bed and clean up the sleeping bags. I think I ended up telling the kids the story of the Hen that had to do it all. You remember the story where she ends up eating the bread all by herself. I know why my mom told me that story.
We went to the library for reading time over here in Tooele. The reader was darling. The kids loved it! Of course we had to do the McDonald's things too. Zoee has missed out on that all year because of school. When we got home I told the kids that they needed to take a nap so that they wouldn't be ornery for the birthday party that they were going to tonight.
Meagan came up and helped me with camp handouts. We put Bailee in the high chair and she ate marshmallows. Check out her chin. She had a little beard growing. It reminded me of Grandma Goat. lol....she likes marshmallows!
Little miss Zoee fixed her goats a bed to sleep in.

She even put a little note on it. She is so stinkin cute!

Billy got all kinds of attention today. Evva loved carrying him around. She even gave him a ride in the wheelbarrow.

I always feel bad sending the kids home after a day at our house. I am sure they smell like they were on a farm - at least I know that they had fun.

Okay all you girls camp specialists. I am looking for a short but spiritual activity for FHE at girls camp. If you have any great idea's...Please pass it on to me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are any of you having a hard time reading my blog? Okay, not because I am boring LOL...but because of not being able to see the wording. Please let me know....Thanks!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Facts about ducks

Ducks are birds. duhhh

1. Females are known as duck and males as drake, babies are called ducklings. And they stink!
2. They feed on grasses, aquatic plants, fish, insects, small amphibians, worms, and small
molluscs and their own poop. and they stink!
3. Ducks are hunted for food. Ummm YUK not my girls! But they still stink!
4. Ducks have no blood vessels or nerves in their feet, so they can't feel cold even in frigid water. Thank goodness they take baths!
5. Ducks are related to geese and swans. The duck is the smallest of them all and have shorter necks and wings and a stout body. And they all stink!
6. Ducks can live from 2-12 years, depending on the species. And of course their owners.
7. Ducks have webbed feet, which act like paddles.
8. Ducks are economical as they provide us with eggs, meat and feathers. What ever!
9. Their feathers are waterproof. There is a special gland that produces oil near the tail that spreads and covers the outer coat of feathers. Beneath this waterproof layer are fluffy and soft feathers to keep the duck warm.
10. The weight of adult drake (the male) is 9 lbs and of adult duck (the female) is 8 lbs.
11. They adapt very easily to different climates, and are found throughout the United States. Then why are they still in my house?
Okay, we kind of like them :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

12 years today

It was 12 years ago today that we were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. How grateful I am for him. He is such a good husband, father, grandfather, farmer, (can't forget our farm animals too) and friend. All I can say is "I must have done something right to get such a great man"!
Yesterday we met with Susan & Mark & Janet & Phil to celebrate all of our wedding anniversary together. We went and did a session at the Draper temple and then went out to lunch. I could not think of a better way to spend our day. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
Once again I am so blessed with such an awesome family.

Tomorrow I get to teach about my Savior and I am feeling very humble for my life and all that He has done for me. I am grateful to my husband for His love for our Savior and the example that Jed is to me and our children. He is right now serving in the Temple where I know that he should be and thinking that I just might go join him tonight so that we can be together where we began our life together just 12 years ago today.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

This weekend was Zoee's weekend to come and spend with me. We always have fun just hanging out. She is such a big help around the house and with the farm animals.
She asked if she could take the ducks for show and teach tomorrow. So of course we had to give them a bath so that they would be clean for her class.

Well, I think the ducks liked the bath until they saw the camera and then they just froz up. They must be modest duck, ya think?

Thanks Zoee for a fun weekend!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


DO NOT BUY BOUNCE DRYER BARS....... I just bought it and did not read any reviews before hand. The first load of laundry was our whites. Big BIG mistake. The are all yellow now. Yellow pants, garments, shirt. And then to top it off, I called the phone number on the back 1-800-5-bounce. The lady on the phone said "We don't take calls for bounce". Okay, do ya think that it might be because of all the problems they are having?

Okay, take a deep breath.
Think new white pants, shirt, garments :)
I think I might be okay.
Shewwwww thanks for listening.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Old door
New door. I love it!

My hutch almost done and I am getting ready to paint my new cupboards. Finally I feel like things are coming together. Now that school is almost :) I can really work on the house. That will be so nice.

Graduation was yesterday. I didn't think I would get emotional. Okay-never mind. I should have known better. It started out before I even left the house. Oh my Gosh.....I am really going to miss my good friends. I will still have life savers for you in my office if you ever want to come back and visit.

Graduating class of 2010 WOW!

I miss you Doris. You know we should be down on the floor with everyone. It's just not the same.

I am so proud of all those that graduated. Hard, but great year.

Until we meet again.......

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I have so much to catch up on I don't know where to start. Thank goodness for pictures to remind me what to blog about. I will start with our long weekend at the cabin. I don't even have to tell you how much fun it was. I just knew that I didn't want to come home yet. It's been a while since we have gone to the cabin when it hasn't been conference weekend. I keep going to turn on the TV thinking it would be on. We did all go to church in Park City on Sunday. The kid's thought that was way nice cause we went to the visitors meeting and they didn't have any classes after.
We hit the out let stores (of course) so that they could all get clothes for Sunday. Meagan paid all of $3 for that little dress that Bailee is wearing. Her and Desi matched.

The kids love to fish up at the pond but this time - no fish. I think the water was still to cold and they were all still sleeping.

Yes, we took the boys with us. And yes, we now have a black and brown one. He is a little more wild than our other boys so we had to put him in a harness. I tried to find one with diamonds and rubies but then I remembered he was a boy and stuck with blue. Billy, he just follows us where ever we go. He is such a good kid.

The kids had fun playing with grandpa. Okay, Grandpa had fun with the kids :)

When Zoee was real young, I would hold her up to this deer and she would cry. I know - I am mean.

But I had to show it off to Bailee too. He little body would stiffen up. She is now initiated into the cabin.

And here are the goats again. Okay I know they are spoiled but Billy had pneumonia and we had to give him a shot twice a day. We have already lost 2 little goats, we are not going to lose any more. That has been heart wrenching.

Back at home. This is what we found coming home from work. This is our Willy. He now has Billy doing the same thing. They both sit on top of the BBQ and yell.
Are poor neighbors!

Well to end this blog...cause I really need to go get something done, here is my Billy walking across our house. See how stinkin cute they are!