Monday, July 27, 2009

Derrik's Birthday


Monday, July 20, 2009

Yesterday was Tim "J"s birthday. Most of you know what a procrastinator I am. Yes me (
..well, Saturday night Jed and I went to the temple and of course we did the dinner thing after. On the way home, around 11 pm I remembered that I needed some whipping cream and birthday candles. I was so tired that we just went home and to bed thinking "maybe I will just get it in the morning or have Timmy run in and get it for me".
The next day I went to visit a wards young women's.
Guess what our lesson was on?
Yup...Keeping the Sabbath day holy.
I will have to say "Thanks Tami, I really needed that lesson more than you know".
So what does this have to do with Tim's birthday?
Well, I had to improvise.
Check out his candle. And you know ... he didn't even care.
The whipping cream would have been good was still good. And, he didn't even care there was no whipping cream. Thanks Tim.
We hid his birthday present out in the trunk of the car and made him go out in the hot air to get it.

We had most of our kids home for dinner and had a very nice dinner and game of "Farkle". Even though I lost, it was fun. After everyone went home and we were back in our 'quiet' home, Jed and I reflected on what a great husband Desi had. She could not have found a better father for those 3 kids that I love so much and Husband for my precious daughter. We are so grateful to have him as a part of our family. Thank you Tim for being that man.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have been putting this off now for a year. Yes, a year! talk about procrastination - that's my middle name. Of course along with Mud and few other names :). It is time to go in and clean, paint, fix and rent (or sell).

I thought I would share my reasoning behind not really wanting to go out to Tooele. There is so much work that needs to be done besides the fact that when you walk in.....I get a stomach ache. I figured out the stomach ache today as I was looking at the pink walls in the kitchen "It's the color of pepto bismol". Oh yea, just check it out for your self.

As I was wiping down the cupboards in the kitchen I realized that it not only has pepto on the walls but blue cupboards with black trim. Okay, I have been around for about 50 years now...give or take a year or two. I do not ever remember these colors being in fashion. Do any of you?

When going into the front room you may see a wall that looks black. Yes black wall paper "floral black". Try not to look to close at the green floral couch next to it. You may just need some of that pepto I was talking about.

Let's just keep going to the bedroom. Lavender? Okay, I can't go on.....If you come into my home, it's pretty boring. I like boring. White, off white is good. Maybe even an accent wall. (as in 1).

Okay now that you have all had a good laugh or an upset stomach....anyone want to come help paint:D

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is the place....

Love anything Free...oh yea. Especially when I can share it with my grand kids. So This Is The Place had a free day. I think everyone in Utah knew about it. It was very crowded but we still had fun.
When we first got there we were just in time to feed the lambs. The girls really enjoyed that.

Briggs was just content watching the bunny's. He kept calling them Brucy.

It was very hot and I was very grateful for the free Popsicles that they were handing out.

We watched the Indian girls dance while we sat back and enjoyed the nice cold Popsicles.

I think there favorite stop was when we stopped and played in the play houses. They could have stayed all day long. They do have cute little houses.

Briggs just tried to keep up with his sisters.

The shade was my fav!

I am so glad that the kids are still young enough that they want to spend time with their grandma. I don't know what I would do without them.

We did have a sleep over the night before we went. Yes, we stayed up late. My fault.

They were so good even without sleep.

They did some crafts.

We checked out the school and a few houses and then went home. Thanks kids for a fun day :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

Girls Camp

Does anyone else feel like I do.....I can't wait until camp is over and then when it is over, I wish I was back up at camp?
We had an amazing camp. This year it was just a kick back and enjoy camp for me. Maybe not for the ward camp directors but for the stake, it was great.
We had some great leaders up at camp along with some great youth.....
I love singing the camp songs. This year we had a music director Heather Cash who did a great job keeping us singing at the beginning of every event.

I loved that she didn't just stand up and sing but involved the youth buy having them come up and do the motions and help her sing.
We went up to Camp Zerahemla in Davis county. They had just put up a flag pool at the top of the hill for a virtue flag. For our hike, we hiked up and hung the flag. Then we were able to bare our testimonies. I was so glad that I had that opportunity to bare my testimony because I try to let the youth have the time during the testimony meeting.

It was so fun to watch the flag fly from where every we were. It looked awesome!

Of course my favorite is the water...The camp provided the slide for us. We took a lot of soap and we slid! What a blast.

Okay, so we did have a little too much time on our hands as Stake leaders. What was funny is that we all put on fake nose rings and went to tell bed time stories to the wards. I could not do it with the jewel on my nose. I had to remove it before I could read. Amazing how the spirit reveals things to me that I know I should not be doing.

We did bead watches for one of our crafts. They were a big success. Thanks Amber :)

For our service project we planted flowers. The sister Missionary was so excited that we were going to plant flowers. She was so cute.

What's camp without s'mores? Thanks 3rd ward for the ummy s'mores....and 10th ward for the yummy dutch oven cobbler. We ate very well while at camp.

Of course there is the snipe hunt and the pranks. Yes, this is our Brittney. She scared the daylights out of the girls along with another ward that was up there with us. I could hear the screams clear up to the lodge.

And what can I say about our cute camp director from the 7th ward? I love her! She is a prankster but in a tactful way. I went to get my air mattress out and this is what I found. I think I was in shock for the first minute until the name...WENDY came into my mind. Then I just laughed.

We did keep her for the next night when the priesthood came up and we put her in the bathroom. You should have seen the faces as they would come out of the bathroom. I can't even imagine what the other ward "not in our stake" thought of our prank. It was the only bathroom for priesthood up there, so you know they had to have gone in.

Well back to what I said at the beginning. . . I wish I was up at camp again. I had so much fun and I love being with the youth. They have the sweetest spirit about them. I love singing and staying up late (only for you Brittney) playing farkle. I love being in nature. I think the best part of camp was having my Desi with me and watching how well she did our camp. The Missionaries asked me "doesn't that just make you proud of her"? Yes! I was so proud of her and the way she made this camp happen. She is an amazing leader and so very dedicated. I didn't worry about a thing because I knew she had it all under control.
Thank you Desi and all the great leaders that help make this one of our best camps ever.