Sunday, September 27, 2009

Auxiliary Retreat

I am so grateful for a Stake President that is kind enough to let me come and finish up this chapter with the Auxiliary training and Retreat.
This is my absolute favorite time when we all go up to Heber Valley girls camp and spend a night of being with the leaders and being feed by the spirit. This year was no different.

The Theme: Hands of Heaven (serving one another)

speaking of being feed.....Gerald and Joan are the absolute BEST. The food is always so good. Magna is so blessed to have them in there stake. I did ask him if he would consider cooking for us here in Tooele if we ever had the need ;) It make it so nice to have the food and clean up all taken care of. I will have to thank the Stake Presidency and my sweet husband too. They were right there with them in the serving and cleaning up.

Kandace and Jenny were the first ones up there and ready to get started. They are so cute!
We had some activities for them.
1st was the service jar that the Primary put together. It was awesome! When they got up there the were to take a piece of paper with a service on it and carry out that service by the following day.
2nd was crafts, cards and a family home evening glove
3rd was talking about hands and serving one another which ended up with painting each others fingernails. Kris did a great job talking about how our hands serve.
The colors came from girls camp so you will notice the nice green polish that Jill is wearing

I love Kristen! She came up to play the piano for us. She did so good. I wish I would have taped the song the they sang. I could have sworn that angels were singing.

Danika, Rachel and Rainbow sang "Hands of Heaven" These are the angels.
Our Stake Presidency did the question and answer time with the ladies

Our Guest Speaker was Maria Covey Cole. Author of Contentment. She did such a great job. I actually went to school with her from Wasatch Elementary to High school. I felt like she touched on subjects that were really needed to talk about. It was so fun to hear her. What a gracious lady she is. She was just put in as Stake Young Women's President in her stake. Those are some lucky young women.
Our gift this year was the bottles of soap with the loving hands, giving hands etc written inside the bottles. They turned out very cute.

We also read them a story and had the ladies put their names in the hands of Christ. Pres Rushton gave a blessing to all the ladies at the end. I wish I could even begin to explain to you the feeling of the sweet spirit that was there. I didn't even want to say anything at the end for fear that spirit would leave. It was beautiful.

Then we split up and had a cabin for games, a cabin for movies and a cabin for sleep. Most of the ladies ended up in the cabin with games. I went and watched "suits on the loose" and went to bed.

The mountains are filled with color right now. Oh was beautiful!
Next morning was breakfast, auxiliary training and testimony meeting
yummy breakfast
We stayed at Lucy Mack. The Smith family had come up a few year before and planted trees for Lucy and each one of her children. These are some of the trees that Kris and Desi were checking out.
Here we had testimony meeting. I didn't want it to end. I love these ladies. I will miss being a part of the Magna Central Stake. I will always hold them very close to my heart. Thanks to all of you that came and were a part of these years retreat. My life has been blessed because of knowing you.

Til we meet again.........

Thursday, September 24, 2009

She's home

She finally made it home today.
Desi bought her a premie outfit to bring her home in and I told her I would take a picture so that she could see how cut she looks

Yep, I think she's a keeper

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bailee Yvonne Peay

Born Sept 22
5 lbs 8 oz
18 in long

Proud Dad

She is so tiny. I can't wait to see her. I have been sick the past couple of days and just don't dare go see her yet.

Desi and the kids came out and fixed up her room. I wish we would have taken a before picture so that you could see what she did. She amazes me. So glad she is my daughter!

I am sure Meagan will be excited to see that Bailee has her very own pink room

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I wanted to take a minute and share some of my feeling from this day. This has been a day that I didn't want to ever come....but it came. Today I was released as Stake Young Women's President.
I know it was a decision that I had made. The choice to follow the Lords promptings to move. Both Jed and I had prayed about what we needed to do in our lives and this is what made the most since. When the impression came upon me that Yes, we were to move I told the Lord that I could do it but please keep me busy so that I can make it through. He was very mindful of me and has kept me busy with school, youth conference, talking at stake conference and moving. I asked Him to please help me to make it through my talk without breaking down....and He did that too. Wow, he really is very mindful of me!
I love the new stake yw presidency. They are going to do such a great job. I am so excited for them. I am excited for our youth. Change is good-just hard!
For those of you that I have had the honor of serving with...Thank you
For those of you that I have been honored to serve....Thank you
My heart will always be in Magna with you.
I do know this church is true or I wouldn't do what I do.
I know that my Savior lives! I know that He loves me! I know that Joseph Smith was and is a true prophet of God who restored the Gospel in these the latter days. I know that Pres. Monson is our living prophet this day. I know that our Stake President-Bishop and all those that serve are called by God. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to serve our youth...His youth, for I truly love them with all my heart. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Lake Ridge 10th Ward Youth Conference

Jed and I were asked if we would help put together youth conference for the 10th ward this year. With all of the Temple Celebration stuff going on it just didn't happen during the summer. I was actually really glad that we got to plan this with the youth. We only had 2 weeks to do it but we still had fun.

Our theme this year is in 1 Timothy 4:12....Be thou an example.

Our t-shirts said "DARE TO BE DIFFERENT 1Timothy 4:12" They really turned out cute even with the little bit of trouble we had getting them. I really liked them.

Friday night we had speakers come and talk to us about the scripture so the 1st speaker talked about Word, 2nd Conversation etc. It was very good. We had Pres. Burbidge (who is an amazing speaker/Sem teacher) Sister Monson whom the youth grew to love as she was over the dance during the celebration, Bro. Medge from our ward, Desi, Kris, Jed and I. Because of the Cyprus Football game ;) we ended at 7 PM so that we could all go support our team and yes.....we won. Just don't ask who won this week.

Saturday we fixed breakfast and went over to our church and did service. The young men set up all the folding chairs in the church and we washed them all down. Then cleaned the church. I was so proud of our youth. It was so nice walking in our church the next day and knowing that we had served not only our ward but our Savior. His home looked quit nice. We then let them go home and get ready for the ropes course. They came back and thanks to the seminary people we had a quick BBQ. They had given us all the left overs from their tailgate party the night before. Those kids ate well this weekend. Then off to the ropes course.

I don't know why I enjoy the ropes courses so much. I am deathly afraid of heights but I do enjoy going. We had a lot of fun as you can see from the pictures. Our Bishop was crazy enough to go up a tree blind folded and jump off. Only our Bishop! Love ya Bishop ;) I love watching the youth as they are challenged with each obstacle. We have such great youth. We had a testimony meeting and ate pizza and came home.

I can not tell you how much I love being with our youth. They are so amazing. I have truly been blessed more than you could ever emagine living in the Lake Ridge 10th Ward. You are all so great....THANK YOU!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So I am thinking that I should start doing personal progress again so that I will keep up some kind of a journal or like I have a hard time sitting down and putting my thoughts together for some reason. So much is going on right now, which is good. As you all know I like to avoid so being busy helps me avoid thinking about where I will be in a month from now. No wait, a week?

1st of all Bubba is to that climbing stage. He doesn't sit on the horse, he climbs up and tries to stand on his back and jump. He is so dang cute!
Here we have Isaiah and Ron. Heather called up one day and asked if Timmy could come and get the boys because she was going to a shelter and didn't want to take them there. I so agreed and told Timmy that he better go get those boys. She asked if he would take them for just 2 weeks but it looks like he may have them indefinitely. I guess Heathers boy friend told her that she had to choose between him and the boys. What ever!

I am so proud of Timmy, he has stepped up to be Mr Mom and Dad. It might have something to do with his new girlfriend. Can I just say I love her! He finally found someone that is responsible, holds down a job and yes has kids of her own too. They have there hands full when they are all together but they know that those babies are everything. I love that! I have already seen a change in Isaiah since he first came. He seems to be much happier.

Here is my handsome Bubba. He didn't get in the picture below so I had to add this one in.

We are only missing Tysen and soon to be Baylee (not sure how they are spelling it)
So I came home late one night after being in Tooele and went to the front door to check on the porch light. I opened my front door and closed it.....for a quick moment I thought I saw a bush of some kind out front. I went back to my front door and opened it again to find.......
Desi had come over the night before and planted some mums. I think it looks great.
Okay, that was just a random thought.

Jeddy came in last weekend from Colorado and we did our Jeddy tradition of Leatherbys. It was so fun to be with him and Ady. I think we see more of Jeddy than we do of Ady and she lives here in the valley.

He is still way tooo skinny.

I am sure Jed is loving being with his kids. He doesn't get much time with them.

So on to what we are doing to stay busy....

Bishop asked Jed and I " would you do one last thing before you leave"?
Me "Sure"
Bishop "Will you help with our ward youth conference? It will be in two weeks".
yes of course we would do it or anything that he would ask. It was just funny.
I am so looking forward to it. We are taking them to a ropes course. I love ropes courses! Why? I have know idea. I just like them.
We have the best committee! These two have really pulled this conference together along with Jesse and Mitch. They have made it so easy for us.
Then I had a meeting up at the stake center and Pres. Rushton asked if he could talk with me for just one moment.....
Pres. Rushton "would you do one last thing for me before you leave"?
Me "Sure"
Me....."oh wait a minute, I think I said sure before he even told me what it was ;0 " I think I just heard those words not too long ago.

So guess who is speaking in stake conference? I thought I would forewarn you just in case you were trying to decide if you wanted to go to stake conference or to Coltons farewell......that farewell is sounding better every minute. ;)
Honestly, it will be nice to have the opportunity to leave my testimony with the members of our stake. They have been a big part of my life these past years. They have been the examples for me to follow.
Just keep me in your prayers that I can talk without crying. That is the challenge that I face. Some days I just wish people could read my thoughts and I wouldn't have to say a thing.....then other days I am so so grateful that they can't.

So as of now we have no kitchen out in Tooele but I will have my Internet hooked up next week. Priority's. I will have to take some pictures so that you can watch the progress. Jed has really been working hard. Me, I just try and stay busy and not think about it. Mmmmmm, I'll think about it tomorrow.