Saturday, February 14, 2009

Magna Central Stake Sweetheart Ball

I had such a good time at our dance. I was on the decoration committee and I thought that the decorations were awesome. Check it out....
Not only did we have a disco ball (oh yea, right out of the 80s) but Empress Theater let us borrow a spot light and Eric (the DJ) had this cool light that made some neat lighting.

There was this couple (kay, I'm not going to say old cause I am getting there myself) that were so much fun to watch. I wish I had his energy. Ya should have seen him! I wish I would have had a movie camera with me so you could see. This picture does no justice.
We had a good turn out from our ward. Those of you who did not missed out on a good time.

The 10th ward had there table of course....

Even Tia came and danced in her 5' heels. I couldn't stand in them let alone dance in them.

One of the last dances they did YMCA and had Pres. Elegante, Pres. Rushton (1st) Dave Skiby (HC) and Bishop Loertscher come up and lead us.

They did a great job.

some of you know that about 8 years ago I did the electric slide at a church dance and when I went down, that was it. My back went out. I have not dared do it until tonight and guess what? I did it and my back is just fine.
I have got to brag about our Stake. It is the best!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I thought I would let everyone know that Sister Navariro is going home.

She is having a departing testimony meeting February 11th at the Mission home. I have the information if anyone is interested.

She will be missed!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Night

The first Monday of every month we have all of our family come over for family night. That is my favorite night of the month.
Zoee was in charge of the lesson (which makes it that much more fun). We had our song and prayer and scripture and then a little bit of Red Light Green Light. Short, Sweet and good company!

And then she made us all play. Except of course Derrik and Timmy. "our Party Poopers"

Adrianne came over and spent family night with us too. We hardly ever get to see her so it was nice that she would come. The girls love her! They followed her everywhere and Evva played with her hair. I still say Evva is going to be a hair dresser.

It was Adriannes birthday a few weeks ago so we celebrated. 21 years old. Wow, I can remember when she was just a little girl running around and playing with Slick and Duke. tee hee. You know I could share some stories about her but I wont.

Desi and the girls made her 2 cakes. Chocolate for us girls and Vanilla for who ever. Yea, the Chocolate was yummy!!

It is so nice to have family come and visit. Like Jed says, it may be crazy but family is what it is all about.