Monday, April 25, 2011

April is the month for Birthdays around her. Briggs, Timmy, Jeddy Jed & this week miss Evva.
It's nice be able to have the family together. I won't even tell you how old Timmy is now cause then you will know how old I am getting.

The kids came out for Jed's birthday and went to church with us. Tim J put the thought and the labor into his Jed's present this year.
And Desi put in the elbow grease and Dr. Pepper and treats :) Nice and clean on the inside....
Brand new grill on the out side. It looks like a brand new truck.
We all got together and colored Easter eggs. This year we had BIG duck eggs.
Oh and we got some more chickens...
Easter was fun. We went over to the Jones's for church to listen to Desi talk. She did such a nice job. It was fun to be back home again. What an amazing ward.
And of course, the Easter Bunny was very good to the boys. New bikes!
They got to see both Mom and Dad...
And spent some time with their Nana. She made them the cute little homemade baskets behind them.
My most favorite part about this month is that we get to spend a lot of time with family and I love my family. How blessed I am to have FAMILY.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference Weekend

Next to the 4th of July, conference weekend is my favorite. I love getting together and 'trying' to listen to General Conference. We usually go up to Mel's cabin but once again there was to much snow. My sweet husband took a CAT up to try and plow into the cabin. He worked for hours until we all finally decided MMmmm Best Western sound pretty good.

We got two rooms that joined. They gave us a really good deal!

It was fun relaxing.
We even went swimming.
and of course shopping - I just forgot to take pictures.
The funny thing is, when I went to down load the pictures I realized someone else was trying to take pictures for me. lol..... Nice Toilet paper!
I think the funniest part of the weekend was watching Justin and his little groupies. LOL... He has some pretty cute girls following him around. Funny how they ended up at the same hotel as us. We had a good laugh. Ohh, to be young again.

It is always hard to come home for a nice weekend.

Tonight we took Evva and Briggs with us to go get some Chicks.
They are so stinkin cute!! We got 6 for now.
They are so tiny. It was fun.