Sunday, January 2, 2011

For Christmas we got the boys some new church clothes. It has been fun to dress them up nice and go to church. They look so handsome that I just had to share.
Since we have had the boy's we have not had much time with the Jone's. That has been very hard for me. I keep wishing that the courts would ask me what I think of "their" program. I sure have an opinion and I don't think they would like it. The system focuses on taring families apart. Re-Unification? Ha....It's all about power and money....okay, enough of that. That is for another day. Back to - we have not had much time to spend with the Jone's cause Timmy is living with them and the boy's can't be near him, except for 1 hour a week. I use to have grandma day every Wednesday and spend time with them. Go to the park, movie, McD's or what ever we could do. It's been over a month now and we have not had that time, so we decided (Zoee and Me) that it was time for a sleep over. We talked about playing games all night long. "ha ha...all night with me"? Any ways... We had fun!
Zoee was such a good helper with the boys and finding different games for them to play. We even played Twister. That was pretty fun.

So the all night games ended about 10:30 for me. I was pretty proud of staying up so late. I just don't function after 9.

The next day there was so much snow that we got out the sleds and Zoee pulled the kids around until we went to the park and went down the hill. Evva didn't feel well and the boy's got cold fast so we didn't stay long.
On the way to take the girls home we stopped off at McD's to have - oh yea, Ice Cream. Zoee's most favorite food. I had so much fun just being with the girls.

Briggs was home sick so we will have to have another sleep over just for him.

We went and spent time with Jone's yesterday. We took the kids to Carl Jr. (Jed is figuring out this McD or Carl Jr. play ground thing-he likes letting the kids play hard while we visit). Then we went over and Tim cut the boy's hair. Don't they look sharp! He actually has cut all the boy's hair. He does a good job. Then we went and saw "Yogi Bear". It was so fun.

Today the boys all went into new classes. Tysen is now a Sunbeam. Ron is in CTR 4 and Isaiha is in CTR 5. They were so excited.
We survived church and the boy's all had a good time.