Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It was so nice of the sun to come out for a while so that we could get our poor chickens out of their little crate and into their home.

No, these are not my chickens but I haven't posted a picture of my goats for a long time so I just had to show you all that they are still just a hanging around. The one on the right is our mischievous goat. He thinks that the pasture is greener on the other side of the fence. I think Timmy had to chase him down three times today. He goes over to our neighbors and hangs with their goats all the time. We are about ready to just give him to them. The one on the left is our princess Jezzabell. Poor goat is the only girl out of the four. She is our pigmy goat and the smallest of them all.
Ok, back to the chickens. They have gotten so big.

We have ten of them. They were so glad to get out into the open. It was fun just watching them in their new house.

Every time Jed would come home from work it seemed like it was always raining. We didn't dare just put them out back for fear the wild animals around here would get them. So he didn't get the coop done until tonight. He still has some work to do on it but it's close enough.
The boys had fun playing out back with the goats and chickens and tractors. When we put them in bed tonight, I didn't hear a peep. Oh except for Tweeter. She slept outside for the first time last night. I don't think she liked that so tonight she came up to the door early so that we wouldn't leave her outside. She is now tucked into her crate with clean pine chips, water and food. She's a pretty spoiled little dog...oh I mean duck.
Then there is Karl. Just like a kid, he has to be in Jed's back pocket all the time. Every time he turns around Karl is right there. Ya just gotta love the animals. LOL....who would have thought!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Computer up again.....

I am going to admit it. I am addicted to my computer. I didn't think I was going to live not being able to look at blogs, facebook and email. That is the 1st step, right?

Just to catch up on a few things around here.

I am very proud of Derrik. He has been out of the Gifts Program now for 10 years. I got a call from the school and they are going to recognize him for his accomplishments since leaving the Gifts Program. We are going to go up the the graduation on Wednesday where they will honor him.

Last weekend Jed, Derrik and Timmy got to go to our wards Fathers and son's outing with all the boys. I was so lost without the kids I didn't know what to do with myself. I will say it was nice :) just for a moment.

Now for the up-date on Tweeter. MY BABY IS GROWING UP! This duck has personality! He has finally made friends with Chloe and Rosie and doesn't want to hang with me anymore. I put her out the other day and she loved it. They all started hanger together. When it got dark, Tweeter came up to the door and wanted in so, I let her in. The next day I took her out again and then when it got dark I heard her chirp so I asked Timmy to go bring her in. It took him a minute to catch her but finally caught her and brought her in. Well....Today I finally decided that she would spend her first night out with the big ducks. I cleaned up her bed and put it away. Well not to long ago - yep, a chirp came to my back door. I opened up the door and here she came a waddling in. LOL.... I still think she thinks she's a dog.

Graduation time is here. Our kindergarten gets out a week earlier than the rest of the school. Isaiha has got the best bus driver. Every morning he would get on the bus and the first thing he would do is go give Lenard a big hug. He was so cute with Isaiha.

The graduating class of 2023 WOW.
Once again he had the best teachers ever. I love these ladies. Ms. Wilson is moving schools next year. I am so sad to see her go. She was the best thing for Isaiha. The nice thing is the SE teacher he will have next year is a lady in our ward. I visit teach her. That is the only reason I didn't go down to the district and tell them they can't move her. She will be missed!
Isaiha was so excited to get his certificate. Just watch how cute he was. It was fun to be a part of his kindergarten year. I didn't realize just how attached I got.

I keep hoping that the boys stay here for a long while. They have settled in so well. It's nice to have Tim home with us again too. Maybe we are coming to the end of this awful trial.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

computer has a virus :(
hopefully back soon...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

We have had a good week this week. It started off a little stressful but worked out good.
On Monday I got a call saying that our Foster License was taken from us because I forgot to send in a paper and prof of Divorce and Marriage. (like the state doesn't have access to all that stuff anyways). I hurried and got everything I needed and quickly turned them into the state. On Thursday, We went back to court to find out......I didn't need to do all that running around anyway. They were putting the boys back with Tim. YEA!!!!!! We are still under watch by the state but Tim is now with us and the boys. He has 90 days before we go back to court to find a job and prove that he can care for them. In the mean time: WOW, I have time again. Now maybe I can focus on 'girls camp' trek' relief society and my house....mmmmm

!st off I had to post this picture for Tae, Sav, Jessica and Matt. LOOK how big Tweeter is. Jed thinks he is a she though. That is ok. We have lots of people that like our duck eggs. They are so good for cooking.

Friday night the boys went with grandpa and dad's to the fathers and son's outing. I think the boys had a good time. Boy it sure was easy to put them to bed tonight. They were so tired. I took them to Home Depo with me and all Isaiha could say is "I want to go home". He was soooo tired. I will have to say I missed them. It's been a long while since I have been home with out little boys. I didn't quiet know what to do with my self.

I have got such a good husband that would take the time to go and make sure these boy's get to have those experiences. Now he is off to the temple. Thank you Jed for being such a good Husband!!! Father!!!! and Grandpa!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Chapter of my life

Not a lot to update except.....I quit my job last week. It was something I have been thinking about doing for a long time. I have felt like I really needed to be home with the boys so when I was pulled into the office and they told me they were cutting my hours, that pretty much helped me along the way. Some day's I am sad cause I really liked the kids. I really wanted to feel like I could help them is some way but I guess it just wasn't meant to be so here we go again, another chapter in my life.

I am still staying busy with boys, Relief Society,(I am suppose to be studying for my lesson I give in the morning, and here I am blogging) Girls camp and Trek. I don't have a lot of time to slack. I finally finished my activity book for trek. I am way excited about it. If anyone is ever in need, I will get you a copy. A big THANKS to Jenny Phillips. That woman is amazing!

And of course the farm. 4 goats, 10 chickens and 3 Ducks. Tweet is getting bigger each day. The chickens have too but they aren't nice like this duck. Tweet still follows me all around and if I leave the room, he get's louder and louder. It is hilarious. Our ducks aren't very nice to him 'yet' but I keep telling them "you better be nice cause it will be you that will leave, not Tweet". Yea, Tweet is my duck. Oh, if ducks could only talk. One of our goats keeps jumping over the fence and hangs out with our neighbors goats and horses. He is so mischievous! It's a good thing that our neighbor is cool about it.

So as far as yard work ... MMmmm what can I say. I cleaned up a little area and planted some flowers. When I went to get the flowers, the yellow just stuck out so I went with yellow.

When I got home and got it all planted it looked so nice, and it even matches my front lawn. lol....

We still have so much work to do and we thought that it would only take 2 years to fix up. OMG...we are coming up on our 2 years. I can hardly believe it. I don't even dare predict how much longer it will take. With all the farm animal we are getting though, I think Jed is planning to stay for a while. He loves the farm life. I am kinda liking it too. I guess I would be happy anywhere as long as I was with Jed.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I can hardly believe that this little girl is 6.

She is so full of life.

And...such a girl!
We had fun at her party

Pinata was fun. Thank you for not putting a lot of candy in it. My boys don't need no sugar :)

We love you miss Evva! Happy Birthday.

I do have to just add one more thing. I had made Evva a barbie cake a few years ago for her birthday. I told Desi that I would make one too. (Desi's is the cute one by the way) Well, I went to get the pan that I had used to make her cake and realized that I had just cleaned out my closet and taken them to DI's a few weeks ago. Well....off to D I 's I went. I ended up buying back one of my pans for $ 2. ...Oh yea. lol, I know it was mine too, It had the same marks on it. I don't think I will be so quick to clean out my pans again.

Tweet... He is so stinkin cute! The boy's are loving him.