Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weeks are going faster and faster. I can hardly believe that we are in our last term at school. It makes me sad to think about going to graduation with out my friend Doris. We always had so much fun at graduation. We would sit down on the floor with the graduates and cheer them on. It just wont be the same with out her there.
This last week we had a ice cream social with the girls basketball team. They were going to do it down in the Cafeteria but I didn't like that idea. YUK! So I talked them into doing it up in the library. I really didn't think that we would have such a good turn out. Maybe we should have had it in the cafeteria. Oh well - it's done!
I got to decorate the tables. The best investment I ever made was in those cute lanterns. I think they have been worth every penny. The funny thing is, I still had them in my car when I went to a Relief Society meeting and we were talking about decorations and I ran out and grabbed one to show them.
We will be using them once again for our RS night.
I gave all the Varsity girls their picture in a frame. One of the players took all the pictures that I had taken over the season and put them together with some music so that we could watch them while they ate ice cream. Coach Adams gave out the awards. It was short and sweet.

This is Coach Anderson. We were all trying to fix her up until she finally admitted she had a boyfriend. Well, about 2 weeks ago he proposed to her. He is one lucky guy!! She is such a good lady.

When I told Zoee that I was going to go with the basketball girls she said "I think I should go too, I was their number 1 best cheer leader". When I told Adams about that he said "go get her". She should be there. I think she had fun. She wanted me to take a picture of her and her 'aunt' Mahina. I really had fun working with these girls and watching the team pull together. I don't know what it is but there is just something about working with young women this age.....

I guess the Lord thinks I have something for them too because...I just got called to be the assistant Stake Camp Director for out stake. YEAY!
I love Girls Camp!!

Okay so it won't be as good as the Magna Central Girls "I will always love you girls"! But it's a new chapter to something that I love. I am so excited. I think I shocked the Stake President with my reaction. I just couldn't contain myself. I really thought that we were being called in to speak at stake conference...
So we have lived out here for 6 months. For 5 of those months I was sliding along with no calling. Okay I did have one, visiting teaching. Way too much time on my hands. In this past month I have received 3 callings. Relief Society board, Relief Society Teacher and now camp. When I was called in for the 2nd calling, I said to the 1st counselor "so how many callings does everyone get out her"?
Really I was just joking.
I really think that Heavenly Father was letting me finish up with the basketball season. What perfect timing.
Now spring break....
I am so ready. I went and picked up Briggs and Evva last night and we had a sleep over. Yes, we got stuck in that parking lot on 80th because of the stinkin fire. The kids were such troopers. I was almost in tears waiting for them to let us drive through. Miss Evva said a prayer and with in 5 minutes they let us go. All in all we were stuck for about 1 1/2 hours. It was her prayer that helped (or helped me) through that.
Tysen came up for the cousin bath time.
They have so much fun together. I am looking forward to these days off and being with my family. I love Conference weekend and Easter (or the Easter candy). I am excited to listen to our Prophet and hear what he has to tell me.
Next to the 4th of July, Conference weekend is my favorite.
One last thing.....I am so excited for Timmy and Ang. IT'S A GIRL!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yard Sale......

So Jed was out with the boy scouts from the 10th ward on an overnighter last night which means..."I can't sleep". Maybe that was a good thing though. I got up at 3:30, yes a.m. and got ready to go to the yard sale. When I walked out of the house it was snowing. I wasn't going to let that stinkin snow get to me. I was in it rain or snow. Thank goodness when I got out of Toolee - no snow. I'm not sure how happy Tim Jones was to see me at 5:45 with hot chocolate in my hands and ready to go but I was ready to go. (So glad you love me). They dropped me off up at the school and I started to set up the yard sale. We had 2 people stop before we were set up. It was still dark out side. The one lady was from Sandy and said she had read it in the news paper. She got a killer deal on some porcelain dolls cause I had no clue how much to charge her. It was still dark and she made the comment " I knew I should have brought my flash light". LOL I guess the early risers really know how to shop these yard sales. The other shopper just donated money.
Can I just tell you how overwhelming it was to see people come and donate stuff and $$. When people found out what the cause was, they didn't want their change back.

Tim's work donated about $2,000 worth of tools for this.

We had clothes and more clothes....

I was totally blown away....I cried! yep me ;) I love watching the community pull together.

One time I went up to a group of ladies and started to tell them why we were doing the yard sale and the one girl turned and said "I know, I am the donor". Yep....I cried again! Maybe I needed more sleep but I will have to say I am humbled. Amber was right by my side the whole day helping. She is amazing! Amber, I sure hope you know what a great example you are to me. I am not so sure I would be as strong as you so I guess Jed had better just stay healthy!

Some of the things that were donated were new. Some people had hand made. And then the home made bread that I wish I would have hid before it was sold :(
You know we didn't see one 8 track. I was really surprised at how much was gone by 1.

I just want to thank everyone that was there and helped with this. If I started to name names I am afraid that I would forget someone "yea-I am quit forgetful". You know who you are. Thank you thank you thank you. You are all truly amazing. I pray that you will always be taken care of.
I do need to acknowledge Desi. You are amazing Des! Thank you and Tim for all the time and effort that you put into this. I love you tons.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

5K Registration

For those of you that are willing to walk or run or just donate to the cause...Here is a link that you can register and pay.

For those of you that would just like to come shop our yard sale.
7 am Saturday
Pleasant green Elementary School in Magna.
It's approximately
8300 West 2700 South.
I am sure that you will be able to follow the signs.

Please come out and help in our cause.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yard Sale Fundraiser

If you are all in the mood for spring cleaning and find some treasures that you would like to donate to our fundraiser, let me know. I will even come pick them up.
If you are wanting to find some treasures....

Come to our Yard Sale:
Saturday March 27
Pleasant Green Elementary School
(2700 south 8100 West)
Come early to see all the good stuff. There might even be some baked goods for sale.

See you all there.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This little boy is having a birthday this week so we got together over at Desi's house for a party. I can hardly believe that he is almost 3. Boy how time goes. It was fun to see him and Bailee. It's been way too long.
Meagan brought Ice Cream and Cake. It was yummy!

I was starving so we brought the pizza. "quick and easy"

Tysen opened up his presents and all the kids played.

So do you think that this little girl just might have her dad wrapped around her little finger? Ummm, YEP!

Zoee is going to be such a good baby-sitter!

Check out those blue eyes.

Briggs kind of liked her too.

It is always fun to be with family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tysen.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maybe Next Week...

I am really hoping that next week will be a better week. I know -I have nothing to complain about but...last week was just not my week. I think that every time I think "we just might get a head enough to buy some cupboards..." Something happens like needing tires or car breaks down, So I have taken that out of my thought proses from here forward. I am going back to " I will never". That seems to work out better for me. Like back in the day when "I will never live in Magna" I will never get married again". lol!

Friday was Temple night. We were going to go early so that we could be home at a reasonable time. We went over to Tim and Desi's a little early and just visited. As we were loading up in the car I asked them all...."Do you all have your recommends"? And then a little voice in the back of my head said "Do you know you have yours"? I didn't. They said, "you can call your Bishop or your stake president". I haven't been in our ward long enough for them to even know that I have a recommend. You know - that's an awful feeling! So we all took a nice long trip out to Tooele to pick up my recommend. Early night was not so early after all. Thanks guys for making sure I came with. I even thought about dropping them off and then going back and picking them up from the Temple. Okay, I'm selfish! I wanted to go too.
Saturday I decided I was not going to stay home. Jed had work and then the Temple. Somehow I talked Derrik into going in to Salt Lake to do some shopping. He may never want to go with me again. He works all night and had very little sleep. So we jumped in the car and drove 35 miles an hour through the snow storm so that I could do some shopping. Everything was great until we went out to the car and tried to start it. It wouldn't start. I knew it wasn't the battery. I could tell it was something to do with the fuel pump. What was I going to do? Jed was at the Temple. Desi was at the Library with Jen and Tim was at school. I had to go walk for a minute to pull my thoughts together. It's been a long time since I have had car problems where I needed to call someone to come help me. So who could I call? Who did I use to call? JED. It has always been Jed. Even back in the days we were not married and my x was too busy to come help me - I called Jed. He has always been there to help me. Thank goodness I have the temple phone number memorized. I called the Temple and within 5 minutes Jed called me back and came to my rescue again. MY KNIGHT! All dressed up in a suit. Then Desi and Jen came and then Tim came and the car got towed away. What a day!

Sunday...I wanted to take some pictures and went to find my camera. MY CAMERA! It's in my car.
Okay so there are some things that give me high anxiety. No temple recommend, No car, NO CAMERA. Thank goodness for BEJEWELED and my blood pressure medicine. My stress relievers. (jk)..kind of. It's the weekend so I can't really do anything until tomorrow. So here's to next week. I may 'never' have a good week.

Sorry no pictures. Just imagine 7" of fresh snow. That's what we got out here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5K / Neighborhood yard Sale

Brandan Sullivan has been suffering with End Stage Renal Failure (Kidney Failure), since March 2000. Because of the dialysis treatments that he has had to do, Brandan has also developed Congestive Heart Failure. Recently, Brandan has been approved to have a kidney transplant. A family member has come forward to be the kidney donor for him.

In order to restore Brandan's health so that he can resume a somewhat normal life¬style, this kidney transplant is necessary. With this transplant comes a big expense. Even with insurance, the costs are extremely high.•
Co-Payment for surgery - $2,300.00•
Necessary drugs following surgery - $4,000.00•
20% Deductible Fee for hospital - $2,238.00(This deductible does not include doctors or anesthesiologist)
These are only some of the costs that we are currently aware of. Beside the medical expenses, there will also be cost of living expenses. This is a huge financial burden that looks impossible for them to meet right now.Brandan will be in the hospital for approximately 7-15 days, and recovery will be an additional 6-8 weeks before he will be able to return to work. This will all take place if there are no complications.

I am hoping that we can get as many people together as possible to help out this cute little family. I have scheduled a
neighborhood yard sale for March 27th and a
5K is also being put together for May 8th.

There is also an account set up at the Cyprus Credit Union for those who would just like to donate money.

Donation Account # 221873 - Brandan Sullivan

Please put these dates on your calendars. Anyone wanting to help please let me know. Desi will be setting up a website for them over the next few days so we can keep in touch and I can keep everyone updated.

To our dear friend Amber....I hope and pray that you don't get mad at us for doing this. You have been such a great example to me and have served my family for many years now. We have grown to love you and your family and pray that a miracle happens all the way around. It is now our turn to serve in "Amber's" terms: "So just deal with it" he he And know that you are loved.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Thoughts:

Some of you have wondered what it meant by "Owner of The Pit Bull" under Mahinas picture. Those of you who may know her will totally understand but for those of you who don't ... this girl is very feisty. When she was a sophomore I was shocked to hear that she had been in a fight. "I know, I am very naive". She can be tough because she has had to be all of her life.
Oh, did I say long story short?
Not sure if that will happen!
During basketball some girls from the other team got on her and it took everything she had not to turn and punch them - oh yea, the whole team. "I was so proud that she kept her cool"!!!!
Well after that, everyone started to call her the pit bull - and it stuck. She printed me out a sign that said "Owner of the Pit Bull". She had said she couldn't punch them because she saw Tina and my face.
She found me on facebook yesterday and I had accepted her. She left a message on my wall but when I clicked on it to get the message it said "Message not Available".
Oh my gosh - I typed in her name and there was no Mahina there. I was a little worried so I put on my status "Where did my Mahina go"?
lol, if you ever want to know where someone is, just post it on facebook.
Thanks to all of my good friends that tracked her down and made her call me to check in. Thanks you for not calling me at midnight though, your sister and brother can explain why.

Yesterday as Jed was leaving work, he went out to find that he had a flat tire. YUK! His tires are bald and we knew that it would be happening soon. It's just that stinkin $$ thing. So we had to "suck it up" (I will only say that once, thanks Des) and pay for 2 new tires. Well as we were finishing up at the desk paying for the tires, the guy that changed the tire came in with eyes as big as golf balls. He said "Man - that was so weird! As I was backing your truck up all of a sudden there were these lights flashing. I didn't know what the heck until I looked in your back seat and saw that disco ball".

We had lent it to the Magna Central Stake for their dance and he had never taken in out of his truck.
Okay, I guess you had to be there. It was pretty funny if I don't say so myself.

Now my last random thought for today:
I had the opportunity to give a Book of Mormon away this past week. For all of you that know me, I cry at the drop of a hat. These girls don't really know me like that. I am the one that yell at them all in the halls and tells them to get to class. I am sure I must have shocked the poor girl. Yes I cried as I testified of the Book of Mormon and asked her if she would read it. This girl has class. Her response was "I will read it because you guys gave it to me and I love you guys". I have never given away a bom before and wasn't quit sure how receptive someone would be so the next day I pulled her aside and asked her to tell me the truth, how she felt.

Her response touched my heart.
"I know that you care about me and that is why you would give the book to me. I was not offended at all. I believe in religion and it's good".
So for anyone out there that is afraid to share something that you believe in - Don't be!
Do I think she will read it?
Yes I do because I believe that she cares about me too.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I just wanted to blog for no reason at all. I don't have cute pictures to blog about just a wonderful daughter that has so much energy that it makes me tired. jk....I love it! She seems to motivate me when my motor is on idle.

We have some very close friends that are going through some trials right now. I wish that we had $$. That just seems to be one problem everywhere. My daughter has come up with some great ideas to help raise some money for this family but we need everyone to help.

1st: Garage Sale
This will take place on March 27th (location will be announced soon)
We would like 100% of the money raised from this to go straight to the family. If you have anything that you would like to donate (please no 8 track tapes, etc) that may bring in some money, let us know. If you feel ambitious and would like to bake cookies to sale - please know that I may eat at least one before selling them. I just want to make sure they aren't poisoned. tee hee.

2nd: 5 K
I have found someone that will help with shirts. We will have to pay for them but he will give us a good deal so that we can make money.
We are thinking around the end of April.
If you are ambitious and want to help out, let Desi or me know.
We will need flyer's made and passed out.
Maybe even some goodies made to have there to sell.
I would love to see hundreds of people there.

3rd: $$
If anyone would just like to donate money :)

I am sure you are wondering for what? So long story short.....
We have a close friend who's husband has been on dialysis for a very long time. He has the chance to get a kidney but in order for them to do it - -oh yea...$$
This family has always taken care of those around them. They have blessed my family many times. Always thinking of others. I have always wondered how she can stay so happy. What a great example she has been to me. I just pray that a miracle will happen...just for them!

Now back to my daughter that is so awesome....Thank you for being you and having a big heart. You have such a big purpose here and I am so blessed to call you mine! I love you!!