Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Farm is being put on hold

I guess the Ducks did him in. No more animals until the house is put together. tee hee hee. So look what I got today. OMG I'm not going to know how to feel.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All in a day at the Barn Yard....

We are all doing better this week. I think I finally kicked that stickin cold. Yeah!! Last week was not good.

Tysen is having fun with the goats. He likes to chase them all around. Just look at those big blue innocent eyes.

Jed has been working hard out side in the yard getting our garden all in that our house has been left undone. Poor guy, he doesn't have much rest at all. But....we finally painted primer on one of our walls this week. I am so excited... (okay, it was Jed. It just sounds so much better when I say we)
A couple of new additions were added to our family today also. They are so cute. Ducks. and yes, they have to be in the house for the next 6 weeks. Desi said she was going to make me a big sign for my house that say's "Richardson's Barn". Yep, that's us.

I was also thinking about asking Chuck if she could knit me some booties for my boys. Desi is giving me such a bad time about not letting them in the house with shoes on. I guess the boys are going to have to ware botties.

Just don't tell Jed that I posted this picture of him giving our boys a bath. He would kill me! I don't see anything wrong with keeping our boys clean.

Love you Jed!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Looking for a cute night time story and handout for girls camp. Any good suggestions?

I have a little to catch up on but I have some time right now to do it. I guess the last week stress caught up with me. I am home sick. YUK!!
My boys are doing good. We decided to call them Buster and Billy. I thought Billy and Sue would be good cause everyone thinks that Buster is a girl. "he whines a lot and wants to be held most of the time". They are getting big now. To big for the play pen so pray for sun.
We finally did our 5K. Not very many people showed up but people were very generous. Thank you so much to family and friends that came out to run. Not sure I would get up at 5 am and drive an hour and pay to run, so thank you so much!

The club memebers came and helped out tons along with Desi. She is amazing.
Jamal Tongo came in first place (not a shocker) he's the one in the yellow shorts and gray-blue hoody. He did it in 10 minutes. He is an amazing kid. KSL did a feature on him last year. If you ever have a minute you should look it up. He has an amazing story and wants to become a Doctor.

Bishop came in 2nd. Good job Bishop!

After the run we had a few things that we raffled off. We felt like the people that were there were the people that have helped out the Sullivans the most and we wanted to reward them in some way. (and I won't tell you that it wasn't a true 5K. I learned alot through this project)
All in all it turned out very good. Even though we had no bathrooms. Long story.

Now for the up-date on the transplant and my stress. Yesterday the 11th was a very trying day. Evva had her Echo. Thank goodness that everything looked good. YEAH!!!! I stress every year about her. I told her to take a pretty picture for them and she did. Good job Evva. I had found a lump and went in for an ultra-sound to find out it's just a sist. YEAH!!!! Brandan went in for his transplant to find out the his sisters kidney was not healthy enough to use. Not sure of all the details but that means he is back on the list for a kidney. My heart goes out to the Sullivans. I know that it's a good thing they found it before the transplant (thank goodness) I was just waiting to hear that Brandan and Amber had a new chance on life.

I will keep praying that a kidney will come along very soon. I think he is 0- blood. Very rare. I am very thankful that they found it before. It could have been so much worse. We will keep raising money and putting it in his account for when that time comes. Maybe that's why it didn't go through....I didn't make the money that I had thought. jk...
Kimmy is still taking the family pictures this Saturday in Magna for anyone still interested. $20 will get you a free 8X10 and the CD with all photo copy rights. All the money will go to Brandan's family. Thanks Kimmy!!

You know we still have such good people here. Thank you to all that have helped in any way!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A day in the life of 2 spoiled boys.....

Okay so these boys are in our house because it is to cold out side for them. I thought that our house was warm to hot. Well I guess not because, I was walking out of the back bedroom and going into the TV room when my boys came up missing. It was quiet and I couldn't figure out where they had gone.
Let me go back up just a little. I have no idea where the people that lived in this home before the Richardson's - got there ideas for modeling homes but.....someone put the vent from the dryer to underneath the cabinet in the bathroom. I know..don't ask me. I have no idea. Jed said they were just trying to keep their pipes from freezing. What ever....Okay, back to the story.
Guess where I found them?

They were cold and found some heat from the dryer under the cabnet in the bathroom.

"it's foggy because of the hot air."
They loved it under there. And yes, they got warm, wanted some food and then went to sleep like good little boys.

Today was a nice day and we let them out to play.

They had so much fun. I put the camera away too fast cause after playing, they were walking out on the ledge of the house. Oh my, I do have my hand full.