Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow....I have really slowed down on blogging. I guess that must mean I am busy or just being lazy. oh well, It's summer and it's going fast!

Saturday was such a special day. I can't believe that Zoee is 8. I remember her in the infant seat of her parents car knocking on the window trying to get her to look up and smile at us before driving off. Desi would just shake her head at us. Now look at how grown up she is. . . and how beautiful she is. It was fun to have Kaylee be baptized on the same day. What a sweet girl she is. The other little girl is one of Zoee's good friends. What cute girls.

Desi had a lot of pictures taken of her for her baptism. I will have to take time and post some of them. The all turned out so beautiful.

These girls have been friends since high school days. It's fun to see that the still keep in touch.

Zoee had a little tea party after the baptism. It was so much fun.
Lot's of fun gifts but always special when you get your very own set of scriptures.
What a special day!
I am so proud of her and love her so much!!

on to the next....

All of our goat's have had there picture taken on the side of our house so I had better post one of Tawnii. She had her horns burned off and she did so good. She still dances around, it didn't change her personality like it did Billy and Jezz. I am so glad.

job update:
Today I went in to Cyprus High and applied for a job in the counseling center. Crazy-I know. I am just so ready to go back to work. I have put in applications all over the place and nothing yet. We will have to see what happens. That would mean that I could be back to work as soon as next week.