Friday, August 21, 2009

So things are coming along slooooowwwwly. Bad thing is it takes money which is hard to come by right now but we are moving along. Jed got some of the carpet pulled up. Which has helped the smell a little. His brother told him that if he paints the floor boards with kilts, it will help the smell of the cat go away. Never knew that so I thought I would pass that on. The carpet was also at least 40 years old. oh yea.....

I have been trying to see the good things to help me get adjusted to all of this moving stuff and the 1st thing that I thought of was how pretty it looks outside my back door. The house I am in now has no windows in the front but in the up stairs bedrooms so windows are a plus too....okay not the tinted "70" glass but that will be replaced.

Another plus is that I will get to see this little one a little more.

I tried so many times to get a picture of him with his eyes opened.

He had me laughing so hard.

but 2 out of the 20 pictures....with eyes opened, not bad ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last of the Free lunches.....

I am always sad on the last day of free lunch. It always feels like the end of summer. I love going to the park and visiting with my good friends.

The kids always have fun.

Briggs has even had fun. He is so cute! He thought that I might leave him so he stayed real close to me. I just started taking him lately. He really did know that he had been left behind. Ohhh, kids are so dang smart these days.

Evva was cute taking care of her little brother.

I have to laugh though.....Desi always sends them all clean and nice

When I take them home, it's a whole different story. Just check out the 1st picture of Briggs. Yea, he likes to eat the dirt. Sorry Desi ;}

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A New Chapter

I thought it was time to post some of the changes that are coming our way. So many people have already heard that we are moving.....and yes, we are moving. I am going to call it our 2 year mission. I told Jed we can do this but only for "2 years" and then who knows what that next chapter will bring. We will be here for another 6 weeks. We plan on being in our new ward the 1st week in October.

As I was speaking to Pres. Rushton about our moving, I told him after Tooele we would most likely move closer to home (Provo). The past few weeks I have come to realize that home is not in Provo. I grew up in Magna. This is the place that my life changed. Here in the Lake Ridge 10th ward "Magna Central Stake". This is where my heart lye's.

We are not selling our house. Tim and Desi have been willing to come here and take over our payments so that we can go out and fix up the house in Tooele. That has taken a big load off of us not having to worry about our mortgage here. It will give us a little money to do what we need to do to fix up the house to sell.

When we first talked about what we were going to do, I thought about quiting my job and finding one out in Tooele. I was so grateful for my dear husband who told me "Our whole lives don't have to change". We are still close enough that we can keep in touch. Ohhhh that made it a little easier. Yes, I will still be at Cyprus.

Today we went to our new ward to check it out and to introduce ourselves to our Bishop. That was very hard for me. The 1st thing I did was look around for the Rushton's. No Rushton girls were there. Yes, I did start to cry. I tried to choose out all the young women. Not many but boy....they had a huge primary. So big that they had to have opening exercises in the chapel. MMmmmm no comment. They did announced a youth fireside and I got all excited. Oh my heart will always be with our youth. I so love our youth.

So I am off to a new adventure....kind of like Brittney who just went off to college "oh I miss you". Who knows, maybe in 2 years we will return to Magna. Only the Lord knows. We both know that this is what we need to do. We really don't know all right now but we do know that the Lord wants us to go there and we will do what the Lord wants us to do.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Attack

Thanks girls! I love you too!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally a Weekend with Grandpa

This summer has been so busy for Jed that we have not had any time with him to just play. Zoee has wanted to go fishing all summer so we headed up to Deer Creek about 4:30 am to go fishing. We had a lot of fun even if all we caught was 1 small perch that the seagull flew off with. I don't think Zoee likes fishing much anymore. We will have to move on to something else. :D

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I know that I have blogged already today. I guess I am making up for the months that I have neglected my blog but I wanted to share with you how amazing our Heavenly Father is.

Every time I have been down "rock bottom" or so it seems, (Please remember I am very dramatic) he sends angels to me and so so many blessings. I can't even begin to express my gratitude for the knowledge that I have of our Heavenly Father and His Son. How blessed I am to be here in Magna with so many grate people and friends and family. I am so aware of His love for me. Just look at all He has given me.

I am so grateful for our gospel, for what it teaches. I am grateful for the knowledge I have of where everything comes from. I know My Savior lives! I know that He loves me! Ohhhh, if only I could only be more diligent in all that I am and do.

Thank you Heavenly Father....I know you hear my prayers.
Thank you to all those who follows His promptings.

Heart Attack

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love our young women. I will have to say they are the best!

So I was thinking that they thought they were pretty safe last night coming over to do the heart attack. We are usually in bed by 9 and I think everyone knows that. Lately it hasn't been that way. I think it has been more like 10:30. "I know, unheard of" :0

Last night I had a presidency meeting at my house and it lasted a little long (sorry ladies). It was a little after 9 when we ended and they were all leaving. I think we may have caught them in the middle of it. My presidency hurried and left so that they could finish.

Thanks girls. You have no idea just how much I needed something like that. Perfect timing! I love you all so much (including leaders)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zoee's Birthday

Zoee turned 6 years old yesterday. "ok, I'm not going to say it" You know what I am thinking :)

Zoee told grandpa that she wanted a fishing pool for her birthday. So not just a fishing pool but the kind that shoots the line into the water. I have never heard of those before. They are pretty cool.

We couldn't take her fishing to a real fishing hole but her Uncle Timmy told us about a little park in Murry that had a pond that we could go fish in. It was really fun. Even if they didn't catch a fish....okay so Desi did catch a few little fish with her hands but not the kind you can take home and eat.

Back to my little Zoee that is not little anymore. What a beautiful girl she is. I love her spirit. I love everything about her. I would actually like to freeze her at this age forever. She is so much fun to be with. Zoee, I love you! I am so proud of you! Happy Birthday

I had to show an up date on Tooele.....NO MORE PINK :D

Purple.....well, we are getting started on that