Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting ready to vote?

Check this out.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is what life is all about. I will have to say that Halloween is not my favorite holiday. A matter of fact, I would not cry if they did away with it all together but.....when I watch the kids and how much fun they have it makes everything worth while.

Evva got to dress up for her dance class today and on the way up she was so worried because Cinderella lost her hair. I guess she has a hair piece that goes with her costum that she didn't bring. Take a look, is she not the cutest Cinderella! Her hair even looks the part. (now she would be the hair dresser in case anyone was wondering).
Who needs a stinkin hair piece anyways.
There were a couple of princesses and a witch. It looked like a lot of fun. When I went to pick her up, she was covered in chocolate. Now shes my girl.

I took Zoee and Briggs to reading time at the library. They were dressing up too. She looks so cute in her princess costum.

Look at everyone all dressed up. There were a lot of kids there today.

The lady that does reading time does such a great job.

She not only reads to them but she gets them up and moving. Kid's just don't sit still very long. This lady knows what she is doing.

I charish every moment that I have with these kids. I know how fast they grow up.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Home Evening

It is so much fun to do things with the family. Penny told me about this pumpkin patch. So we took Desi and her kids down and let the girls pick out their pumpkins. This is the first time I have ever done anything like that. The girls were so excited that it made my night! We walked around all of the pumpkin patch so Zoee could find that 'perfect' pumpkin.

She shops just like me....I have to see everything before I can decide what I want to purchase. I remember my dad stopping at a bench in the mall to tell me to come find him when I had finally made up my mind. Sorry Desi, she gets that from me.

Now Evva....every pumpkin she saw was the perfect pumpkin. She wanted me to hold it so she could go on to find the next perfect pumpkin. She is so cute!

Then we went on a tractor ride around the farm. Evva was so worried that the tractor was going to squash the pumpkins.

We took them home and Desi remembered to have a spiritual thought so she read out of the scriptures. What a great example and mother she is.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Chantal

Okay, so it started out on the 24th but Chantals birthday is really the 25th

Carrie was very brave last night. She had 5 teenage girls spending the night. I think I heard that it was Hayley that was awake until 5 am. Crazy girl

I think they all had fun. They even went 'tp'ing, huh Jen!

We went over and had cake and ice cream with them along with our cute sister missionaries "whom also were having a fun time". You should have seen the balloons bounce.

When I walked in they all yelled Bonseye. "It's a Japanese thing that Sister Y taught them"

She got a lot of fun things....

Personally I thought the one of the best gifts was her new scriptures and song book she got from her parents. The number one best gift was the baptism of her brother Robert.

Check it out. They are now all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Even Alex with his tong sticking out. Which I might add that he gave the talk on baptism and did a great job.

Rocky baptised Robert.

And where would we be without our sweet sister missionaries.

Alex, put that tong back in your mouth! jk

I can't even explain to any of you the sweet spirit that was with us this night. I have been so blessed to watch as this family has softened and turned unto Christ and become members. To watch this take place has been truly amazing to me.

I have always said that there was a reason Sister Havenar was here and stayed here. I truly believe that she was here for the Russell family. She will always be close to my heart.

Robert, Congratulations! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this great day.

We love you all.

And we can't forget our great ward mission leader on a Harley.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Full Time Preschool/childcare

For those of you out here in the Magna area that may know someone in need of a day care....

Jen Noury is looking for 2 more children for her preschool.
Her rates are very good. $375.00 a month
That includes meals and snacks
Hours are from 7 am to 5:30 pm Monday-Friday

Friday, October 17, 2008

Prop 8 - One Family's Experience‏

Some people wonder why the Church is for Prop. 8. Maybe this may answer your question.
Wops....Thanks Jen

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Goal for this weekend

I have already blogged about Cyprus and Darfur. Well, I asked if there was something I could do to help raise some money. Mr Adams was kind enough to hand over T-shirts to sale goal over this UEA weekend is to get rid of all the shirts that he gave me to sale. Even if it means sitting at the front of the grocery store. (I prefer not to though) so I am asking any of you who may have a few $$ to help a good cause and buy a T-shirt from me this weekend.

I have tons of Mediums and some Larges
I am asking for $7 a shirt
unless of course anyone would like to be generous and pay Timmy, thanks Timmy!
(he just didn't know it).
Thanks Desi for your help too.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thank you Amber

I just wanted to brag for a minute and tell everyone what a great niece I have. She has been my "go to" person for so many things. I call her for health issues, young women ideas and life in general. She just has a way to keep things into perspective when I am freaking out. She has been such a great resource and friend to me.

So today, she drove up here to help teach our presidency a craft for our Young Women's Girls Camp next year. Oh my gosh, you will wish you were a young women at camp. I am sooooooo excited.

Thank you so much Amber for all your help. You are an amazing lady and I am glad you are family. Heavenly Father truly blessed me with the best family ever!

PS....I stole a picture from you cause ummmm I don't have any. I think it's time for a family get together or craft night.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is for all who know Matt Pugsley.....

Believe it or not, he is home

His welcome home is this Sunday at 9 am

Spread the word

I love my Wednesday's

It is my favorite day of the week besides Sunday's. I get to have my girls (and sometimes Briggs) with me. It seems like a busy day but I think the girls like to stay busy. The 2nd Wednesday of the month some of us from our neighborhood get together and make cards.
I love these ladies. It is such a great way to visit and just relax and get to know each other a little bit better.

Besides that fact we get to make cards and learn some great way's to make cards. Each lady brings such creativity to the table. Aren't they just so cute!

Even Zoee changed the card she made around to be just a little different. She is going to out do all of us with all the exposure she is getting to card making. She did good!

When we don't have cards, we usually go to the library for reading time while Evva goes to dance but today we just came home so that Zoee could finish her cards. Then we went to the park to play.

Zoee has wanted so badly to go across the monkey bars. She is doing so good. It's not going to be long and she will make it all by her self.

Evva likes to put her knees in these bars. She has grown a little and now she gets them stuck in the bars. I think this week she learned that it's not fun to do that anymore. Good thing she is still small enough to get them out without too much pain.

She loves playing with Katie. These two are so cute together.

Okay, now that I have done my blogging for the day, maybe I can focus on the things that I need to get done. I am such a procrastinator.

Oh yea, just one more thing.

Congratulations Jessica and Matt!

She just had her cute little baby girl on the 6th. We love you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh my gosh.......

Do you realize that it is October 6th?
Where has the time gone?
I have no idea where or what I have been doing the past week but it has flown by. I have been frantically trying to catch up with life today and realized that I am soo sooo far behind in
Church stuff.
Really, it's time for 'time' to slow down for a minute so that I can catch up.

This weekend went way to fast. We had so much fun. I love spending time with the family at the Cabin. Even if it does snow. Zoee was a little disappointed that she couldn't fish. Grandpa had better make some time for her next summer just for fishing.
Even Tim and Sarah came up for one night. We got the movie 'Emma' to watch while we were at the cabin. Do you think that I watched it? Ummm no. I fell asleep with in minutes of the beginning. As soon as I saw Stephanie (my cute niece that plays Julia in the movie) then I was out. Yea, not once, not twice but 3 times this weekend.

We watched conference and then the girls went to the movie.....Beverly Hills chawawa.
Poor Tysen, him and Brigg's were out numbered with girls.

Zoee and grandpa did much better at staying awake during conference than I did.

You would think I was sleep deprived. Someone had to hold Briggs while he slept.

Desi was showing us she can still do hand stands....

and teaching the girls how to do it too.

The fall colors were so pretty up there. I was glad that I had taken these pictures on Saturday because on was snow.

Tysen was much happier, he go new PJ's

Briggs got new PJ's too. Only .99 I know how to shop!

Saturday night after priesthood, the Russell's came up and joined us. It was fun having them with us. Next time hopefully there won't be the wet roads.

All in all, we had lot's of fun! Mel has been so good to our family in letting us use his cabin. I hope Heavenly Father pours down blessing on him. He is so good to us. Thanks Mel