Friday, October 17, 2008

Prop 8 - One Family's Experience‏

Some people wonder why the Church is for Prop. 8. Maybe this may answer your question.
Wops....Thanks Jen


Jen said...

Actually, the Prop is to protect traditional marriage, so the Church is FOR it. Hope that makes sense. :)

Scott and Debbie said...

My Yes on 8 sign has survived in my yard (so far). Kristin had her's stolen, along with the whole neighborhoods. She had a second one so she was able to put it up the next morning. The other side says it's all about tolerance, yet they're unwilling to be tolerant of my own religious beliefs (and that is a fundamental right!).

Scott and Debbie said...

Okay, so Kristin's sign got defaced last night. They crossed out Yes and wrote No. And then they drew two mail parts on it. Isn't that sweet. Tolerance...right?