Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have to first show you that Evva got her hard cast on yesterday. What a trooper she is. She loves the colors pink and purple so she chose a pink cast and then her parents got her a purple marker so people could write on it. We were all signing her cast before she left and so Briggs thought that was cool. He brought me up a marker and showed me his arm. LOL....I had to tell him "no Briggs, Grandma can't write on your arm. for the next part. I know Desi....I got goats because they are outside pets. I know, that's where they should be. I don't like pets indoors. But you have to hear me out first before you start laughing at me.

You all know that we had an awful Monday with our black lamb dieing. It was a very hard day for both Jed and me. For family night we went up and got one more goat. (I didn't want the other one to die from a broken heart..or me). The new little boy was doing really good. He took to the bottle and was eating really well.
Today I came home late to find Jed, Meagan and Derrik all around my littlest boy goat. The first one we got. He had become very sick and couldn't walk. Both Jed and I had said we were done if we lost one more. It's just too hard on the heart. (I know, we are softies). He looked like the little girl looked before she died. Jed called the Vet and the Vet told Jed all of the symptom that we were seeing. The Vet told us to get him on a heating pad and feed him his milk with some corn syrup in it or try some pedialite. I ran as fast as I could to the first store I came to, grabbed the corn syrup and pedialite and ran home. I fixed a bottle of pedialite with some corn syrup. It didn't take long and he was feeling better again. I guess they go into like a hyperglycemia state when they get cold. Yes the Vet told Jed that we needed to keep them inside the house for the night or he won't make it. So yes....They are sleeping inside tonight in the playpen.

Yes, they are loving it! Okay, you can now laugh at us.
We are now going to go to bed. Jed just finished covering them up for the night.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Are little girl goat passed away this morning in Jed's arms. It was very sad. The little boy is out side crying. He looked over her like he was the mom. When I went out early this morning he was standing over her. She just wouldn't eat. She was looking pretty skinny yesterday and we kind of had an idea she wouldn't make it. We hoped that she would. We are going to try and get another one if Becky still has any left. I am afraid that the little boy will die from a broken heart if we don't do something.
Now I remember why I didn't want any pets!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bad News First

So to look at this picture is nothing compared to what it looks like today. This poor little girl has got the blackest eye. When I was watching her, she went into the garage and stood up on a chair to get a leash down for her dog. Well the chair broke and she feel down 3 cement stairs and hit her head. Oh yea....I freaked out. It took me a minute to collect myself and then to make that phone call to her mom. I just told Desi that she just got hurt and she better come home. I tried to be calm, mmmm not sure if I was. You will have to ask Des.

I had asked her if anything else hurt and she said no. Well now she not only has a black eye but fractured her wrist and she is now in a cast.
Now for some good news-I think?

Jed and I have been wanting to get a bum Lamb for the kids to play with while they were young and then we were going to ship them off when they got big. Well I finally found some lambs but they were clear down in Fountain Green. By the time we decided we were going to get them I found an ad for dwarf goats. I thought..."MMMmmmm they could eat the grass down in the pasture and the kids could still play with them". So Jed and I grabbed Evva and Briggs and took a trip up to Clinton to get 'a' goat.
We were only going to get one but if you bought 2 then it was cheaper, besides they were so stinkin cute!

The first day home they would not eat. I was getting pretty worried about them. I called the lady we bought them from and she asked about the nipples we had bought. We had gone to IFA and got some big black ones. She suggested getting a baby bottle.

So we ran to the store and got a couple of bottles and today they finally eat. The black one is a girl and the tan one is a boy. "FIXED" . I think the girl was the runt. She was the smallest one of the bunch. She was lookin pretty skinny today but I think she will start to fatten up now that she is eating.

When I got home tonight from a baptism, they were so excited to see me. They both climbed on me but the boy had to get right up in my face and lick it. Not sure but I am thinking they are thinking I am their mom.
They are pretty cute!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The other night we went and crashed the Magna Central Stakes Temple night-again. Thanks guys! That will always be our home. It was so much fun. After the adult meeting we went and did sealings. I don't know why but when ever I go do sealings and or baptisms I get a little giddy. We were waiting up stairs for Jed and he didn't come. I joked about how I am always waiting for him...."but believe me, the wait is so well worth it"!!!! until I realized that maybe he didn't know that we were doing sealings. Yep......he had been waiting for me down stairs in the chapel to do an endowment session.
We finally meet up and all was well. 'shewwww' I just kept thinking about how lucky I am that he is so patient with me. He is such a good man. I am not sure why I was so blessed to have someone like him come into my life and take on all of my stuff but I am sure glad I am. I couldn't have asked for a better husband, friend, father, granddad than him. I am so glad that we get to grow old together! "but he is the older one" lol okay only by a few months.

This is a picture of his family at a family birthday/get together we just had. From oldest to youngest. Happy Birthday Jed...and mom and Jessica...thanks Jessica for putting this all together. You are amazing - just like your brother!

Friday, April 9, 2010

5K Walk/Run

We really need everyone support on this 5K. If it is at all possible for any of you to participate in this run, please please do. It is for a really good cause! We only have 4 people signed up as of yesterday and we really need a lot more.

To register, click on this link:

100% or the money will be donated directly to the family.

I am challenging any and all Peterson Family members to come join and if you do....
This is my Dads birthday. I will provide cake and ice cream/ or some kind of breakfast for any of you after the 5K to celebrate his birthday.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Bubba...

I can hardly believe that this little guy is going to be 2. We have had so much fun with him. It's hard to believe that he has only been around for the past 2 years. Check it out - already texting! The other night we took him with us to a family party. He had so much fun! He loved hanging out with Grandpa and Adrianne but he always made sure that I knew he loved me.

He was running across the gym floor and both Jed and I had our arms stretched out for him. We didn't know who he was going to run to, Grandpa or me. At that last second he ran into Grandpas arms, gave him a hug and quickly jumped into my arms. That little tease!

I am excited to spend his birthday with him.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Conference was great! I think my favorite talk (besides all of them) was the one "Grandpa, are you there"?
They were all very good and I love going up to the cabin to enjoy that time with the family. There was so much snow up there. Someone was kind enough to plow the drive way for us so - with chains - Jed was able to drive right up to the cabin.

We had bought sleds last year and then ended up at the hotel with new swimming suits instead. So this year we had to take our sleds up to the cabin along with some rented sleds.
We went to "Toy It Up" and got 2 snowmobiles for Friday. We only did 24 hours. It is all a little pricey but it was worth it. They all had so much fun.

On Sunday for Easter we did a pinata.

They each got a turn but it was Bubba

That got the last swing.

And then all the candy!!

While the boys went to Priesthood, Desi and I did our traditional shopping up in Park City. We missed you Bennett's!! The kids all got new outfits and then we went to Cafe Rio for dinner. I love spending the time with my family but why does the time go so stinkin fast? I love that Tim and Desi don't mind hanging out with us.
I am so blessed to have my family. We really missed those that didn't come with us this time. Maybe next time....Next time, Justin will be home from his mission. Talk about time flying.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!