Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here we are almost at the end of September. I have meant to sit down and blog but just haven't. But as I was proofing this blog lol...I noticed the date was September 10th. I did start it on the 10th but did not finish until today, the 25th.

I am now back at work and glad to be working again. They have me working in the counseling center and I am loving it. So far they haven't overloaded me. I love the people that I work with and the atmosphere is good. I am back working with Penny and very glad. I love that lady!

Believe it or not miss Bailee just turned 2. She is so cute. We had the Jones come out and celebrate with cake and ice cream. Jed and I took her to the store and let her pick out her gift. She found this teddy bear chair that she liked and sat on all through the store. When we got out to the car and put it in next to her, you should have seen her eyes. She was so excited that it was coming home with her.
Ron recently decided that he wanted to become a barber. I wouldn't have even known except he left the scissors laying on my bathroom counter with the hair in the sink. Silly boy! He must have a little of miss Evva in him.

Labor day we just hung out at the house and ate. I love it when we are all together as a family. We miss Jeddy and Ady. One of these day's they may join us. Who knows.
Timmy has been doing a parenting program. Once a week an advocate, Manuel would come out for a couple of hours to work with him. I was very impressed with him. He understood about parenting. No two kids are the same and each one need to be disciplined different. It was so refreshing to hear that after hearing how you should put them in time out. Sometimes time out doesn't work with all kids. Especially hearing it from state workers that didn't even have kids...or more than one child. Every child is different.
Anywho......Here he is! DONE!! For his last class Manuel had him bake a cake while they studied and then we all celebrated his last class.
We are nearing the end of this nightmare....I hope. We have one more hearing and if all goes well, we will be done. I am very proud of Timmy and all that he has accomplished. We are so glad that we have the boys here with us and now my prayers are that they will be raised knowing that they are loves and they don't need to fear being taken away ever again.