Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birthday Party

Today is Isaihas birthday. What a cutie! I can't believe that these kids are getting so big.
Desi was nice to put together a party for him.
She let them all dress up.
This is my tooth fairy

My Thomas the train.
My little witch

My little pumpkin.

And the whole group....

Desi made us Dinner in a pumpkin. (Our traditional Halloween dinner) Yummmm!

We opened presents

I still can't believe how big he is getting. Angelina has been working with him and he just seemed so grown up to me last night. They have started him in school too. I am sure that helps.

He got some clothes for school.
Then the yummy cup cakes.
Briggs was taking it all in. He loves his Grandpa Jed. Check him out.

Thanks Desi for the good food and fun night. With all the kids in the house it gets really crazy. My mom use to say "I love them twice....when they come and when they leave". I think Desi now understands that meaning. ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Up Date....

I have really missed my oven. Or should I say 'homemade cookies'? My cute husband, who is working his hinney off, brought my oven in tonight and hooked it up. No more cooking out in the snow on the BBQ.

Jed is busy out moving things in the garage so my cold car can park inside tonight. She does not like the snow. He takes such good care of us.

Next....the dishwasher
life is good.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today I got to stay after school for my CPR training. Our teacher did such a good job, not only did she cut a 4-5 hour training down to 3 hours .... she also taught me enoough that I passed!
Now I have passed both my CPR and my NFHS Fundamental, I can now track the Cyprus High Girls Basketball team.

I must be nuts!
I will have to say, now I know why I sluffed schoo. I still don't like it. It hurts my head.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grandma Day

So for Grandma day today, Jed had the day off....yeah!!!
Briggs thinks that pompa is the greatest. He wanted to be with him where ever he went so when grandpa wanted to go out side....they 'all' wanted to go outside with him ;) They had fun just running around outside.

It was such a nice day.

Every time that Briggs is with me he always falls down and bumps his "welt size bump" and no I don't beat him. I ran after him to go pick him up and he didn't want me, he wanted pompa.
I like that he likes his grandpa, so do I;)

It was fun to have him with us for Grandma day.


He was so cute I had to add the other one. He thought I was going to take a snap shot of him so he kept saying "CHEESE"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Witches Night Out

Desi had heard about witches night out and really wanted to go. I wasn't sure really what to expect. I have never been, so we dressed up
like witches and went. Funny thing is I already had a costume. Reminds me of when I was a room mother for Timmy, I had dressed up like a witch and served them apple cider with dry ice. One of the little girls in his class said to another little girl:
1 girl: "Is she really a witch"?
2 girl: "Yes! I've seen her at her house". LOL

When we got close to Gardner Village, the cars were lined up the street so we parked a little way's away. Then we started to see witches everywhere. They were all so cute so I had to ask a couple of girls if I could take a picture to blog about. They were good sports. No clue who they are but they sure looked cute.

I could not believe how many people were there. Check out the traffic.

Even the kids were dressed up. We didn't know that kids could go or we would have taken them all. note to self: Next year take kids and husbands for dinner and show! (even if the show is just to watch the people)
They had music going and people dancing.

Cute witches everywhere.

Loved this sign!

She was pretty cute too.

So we just walked around and looked in the stores. We didn't buy anything because everything was too expensive. We did see a cute blessing dress that Bailee could ware, it was only $140.00

This picture is for Des. You know I would forget if I didn't post it. Cute, easy wand for Halloween.

I really had fun but I think the funniest part of all was when we decided to hit Ti Pan after, in our costumes and watching all the people stare at us.. I must say we looked pretty cute! And I thought people from Tooele were strange;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jed has been so busy the past month trying to get our floor level so that he could put down laminate.
Well it's starting to pay off. This is what he has been doing today while I have been off shopping.

Now it's time to go to Gardner Village "Witch's Night Out" with my daughter.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today Desi, Briggs and Evva came over. I was going threw some boxes and found a pair of my mom's old glasses. Evva put them on and I just had to take a picture. What a ham!
Desi took some pictures of Bailee and I thought I would share a few.

She is still so tiny!

Look at that strong neck. We are all having so much fun with her.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

We all talked about not going to the cabin this weekend because we had to much to do. With everyone moving it just seemed like we should stay and get things done.

I am so glad that we didn't stay home.

We didn't go up til Saturday but that was good. We still got in a little Park City and shopping (love priesthood session).

Tim and Ang came up with some of the kids too. The only ones missing were Der and Meg. Can't say I don't blame them for not coming. Bailee is still a little small for the cabin and yes...snow.

The kids had fun playing in the snow...even Jed.

Games and lot's of junk food.
Man, I really need to get back to the gym!
I love spending time with the family out and away from the everyday norm. We had some good visiting. I even saw a big elk. I wish I would have had my camera to show everyone.
The best thing next to my family was to sit and listen to conference with my family. I loved the message's. I realized that I need to re-commit to reading my scriptures more often and be more diligent in my prayers. Service was another thing I realized I have been slacking on. Yes, I need to do better! As I listened to Pres. Monson, the feeling of humility came upon me so strong. I have been so blessed in my life. How grateful I am to be a part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How grateful I am to live in Utah and be so close to the center of the Church, surrounded by members. Best of all....that I am sealed to my sweet husband and 'some' of our family. (we are working on the rest).

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I can't even believe that we have made it to midterm yet. I don't think we have been to school for a full week...have we? Oh well, I like it anyways. So besides holding cute little Bailee......
Can I just say I love I have made $150 getting rid of things that we were going to junk like the old fridge and stove that were in the house --in the middle of our unfinished kitchen. So not only did I make some money, I made some room....yes!

Evva came and spent a night with me and then Zoee spent last night with us. We woke up to winter. Not a good thing here yet. Okay, let me go back to yesterday morning when it was raining and the water was dripping in our house and in our garage and the black widow that I found in the garage...ummmm #6 for me to find. Jed has found some too. YUK
okay so winter is better than wet house, garage and black widows

I have hung some of my pictures up to make it feel more like home.

Even though I still have no kitchen, I have more room and a little money

I tried to be creative so that we don't spend lots of money and have spray painted my light fixtures (Better than the ugly 70's gold)

Okay, so maybe I have gotten a little carried away.... I have also painted the gold mirrors
White and

Black. Ummmm what a can a spray paint wont do :)

Next....anything that is gold (now that the pink is gone) see that gold tub?
lol do you see that gold light in the back with gold glass? Zoee said to me "Grandma, don't tell me you are painting the gold glass too...