Friday, March 28, 2008

When we moved into this house, almost 10 years ago, we tried to tare down the wall paper in the two bedrooms to find that the wall paper was put up right over the wall board. The one room we got pretty good. I can still see where the wall board was torn when we took off the paper, but it still looks okay.

Now the other room had this yukky wall paper with sail boats on it. I wall papered over it but the wall paper ended up getting ripped so I tore it down to once again--live with that ugly sail boat wall paper.

With the day off today, I got out the paint to paint over the sail boats and low and behold, bubbles came up all over the wall. I kind of figured that would happen but thought it was worth a try. So off to the movies I went. I was done.

We went and saw College Road Trip. It was pretty cute.

Upon returning home, the bubble disappeared~YEAH! You can still see the line from the wall paper but let me tell you, this is much better than those stinken sail boats.

Not bad, huh!

Last night we had our YW auxiliary training. I felt good about it. Kris L gave an amazing talk on personal progress that really touched many of the ladies. It was all good. I really liked the idea that Penny gave us.
Our theme was 'Feed my Sheep'. Melissa made sheep and put the girls name on each one and we taped them all over the room. Then the leaders had to go and find their sheep (girls). Some were left, some were hidden. Just like life. So when they were all done, I went and gathered the girls that were left to see if the leaders had missed some of their girls. Funny thing was....I kept finding them even after they left.
Okay, now that that is over, I will not put tape on the wall's at the church ever. ( I got a memo asking us not to) Wops. I guess I had better ask for forgiveness.
Thanks for the idea Penny~yea, then she ran off to Disney Land. I hope she is having tons of fun.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane.....

Once again, my sister has blessed me with her hard work and love for our family. She gave me a disc with so many fun pictures that I haven't seen before. I have had so much fun looking at them and thought I would share just some of these pictures.
This is my dad. What a great dad and example he has been. Just some of the things that he did:
He played the trumpet, xylophone, drums.
He worked in Iran for I think....3 years. My family all went, but I wasn't born yet.
He was the assistent to the President at BYU and the Dean of Summer School.
He served as Mission President in Norway
Regional Representative for the church
Mission Representative in Norway
Built, with the help of my brother Pete, our home on holly circle.
He was a great gardener as you will see in the picture below. He had a big rose garden that he would come home from work each day and take care of.
He was a very dedicated father, husband, grandfather and member of the church.
He passed away when I was 15 years old and I seem to miss him more and more as each year passes. This was our back yard at holly circle. It was so pretty. My dad and mom both put so much time into this yard. It even had a water fountain back by the rose garden.

Here is our house under construction. I loved this home. It was being built while I was being born, so it is as old as I am. I even remember kissing it goodbye when I had to go to school. Okay, so that is a littl much, but yes it's true.

Just like Desi.....I have very few pictures of me when I was young so this was fun to see. Me in our home at holly circle

And here is my home and family after we had returned home from Norway. You know, I don't even know if I am in this picture....if I am MMMmmmm I couldn't tell you. I was 6 when I came home. I might be the one standing in front of my mom. Who knows!

Once again I have to thank Janet for sharing all the pictures with me. It has been so fun to look at them.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So our ward is shrinking continually. I think it might have to do with going to Leatherby's? So, okay, I'm done.....No more parties for those moving out!!
No more moving out.
For those of you who have already moved out.....we just got the word last Sunday that Carpenters were putting their house up for sale.
Kay, I have threatened, threatened duct tape, termite signs and still people aren't listening. They are still leaving......

Merritt's you will be missed terribly. You are amazing people who brought so much to us here in Magna. But always remember, there is always a home for sale here in our neighborhood and we would always take you back. You better atleast come back for a game from time to time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Peterson Family Reunion

What a great weekend we had. I just want you to know what an amazing family I come from. My cousin Don and his daughter put together a great family reunion for the Andrew and Lettie Peterson family. I am sure that many whom have passed on were with us this day.

We started out by going and doing a session in the American Fork Temple. What a great way to start the day.

We then went to a church for an Easter Egg hunt, dinner, slides and great company. You would not have believed all of the eggs. This hunt went for 10 minutes or more. Over 2000 eggs.
The kids were in heaven!

Check out all those eggs on the ground.
I think they were pretty happy with all they got.Here are my dad's brother and sister. Uncle Elden and Aunt Rhoda along with my sister Chuck and her husband Jim
Here is my cousin Don, whom I might add lives the farthest away and put this reunion together. I owe a BIG thank you.
Wouldn't Grandpa and Grandma be so pleased!

Dawn and her husband Beau who spent hours upon end putting this all together. I am so grateful for them and the desire they had to reunite the Peterson family. I hope they know just how much I love and appreciate all that they did. I am sure Grandma and Grandpa are smiling down on you and may you be blessed many times over for all that you have done. THANK YOU!!

I don't know if you can see in the back ground, but there is a paper that stretched clear across the back of the wall. That is a 4 generation family tree that Dawn and Beau put together with pictures of the whole family beginning with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson. Truly Amazing!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday with my girls

Today was my day to spend with the girls. We had fun! I took them out to Carl's Jr for lunch and then we went to see Horton Hears a Who.
I had heard from film critics that this show wasn't worth watching. So I thought that I would be my own critic and let you know that it is darling.
Even Evva sat ~pretty good ~through the show. She only had to do two potty trips, which was fine with me. Sure beats the "changing of the diaper" Which we no longer have to do. YES!!!
After the movie we came to my house and had to take pictures...
So I told you that I had dropped my camara and now the batteries won't stay in.
"Tim would be proud" (kidding)
I now have it taped up with tape, but.....not duct tape
I used mailing tape. I have moved up. At least it's clear.
So here are my cute girls today.....

Miss Zoee

Miss Evva

Aren't they cute!

Tysens Birthday Party

We went out to Derrik and Meagan's for Tysen's birthday last night.

They have fixed up the apartment so cute!

This is proof that Derrik has taken over the apartment. You can always tell when you see all the wires.

Tysen had fun opening up all his presents....but he would have been happy just playing with the bows

Grandma Richardson (Jed's mom) gave Tysen a little Winny the pooh that wiggles his nose. He loved it. Here he is giving him a hug.

Tysen got his very own cake to eat. He was in heaven.

It was Jed's moms birthday on the 17th (St Patties day) so we stopped by to say Happy Birthday to her too.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last week's updates.

My camera dropped while I was at the zoo and it's hard to take pictures with it. I hate when that happens. So here is the past week.....

Cute little Zoee was over at my home last Wednesday waiting to go to dance. She was outside playing with the little boy's over the fence. I told her that she needed to come in and get dressed for dance and she said to me....

"But grandma, what if they think I look ugly."

Of course I told her they wouldn't do that, so she got dressed and went back out back to talk to the boy's when all of a sudden she came running in the house and yells up to me...

"Grandma, they said I looked beautiful"

Last Wednesday I took the girls up to Hoogle Zoo. Of course Monday and Tuesday the sun was out and it looked so nice. Wednesday was cloudy, but that didn't stop us from going. We had a good time. I tried to get Evva in this picture below but she was afraid of this elephant because it makes such a loud noise. So she just hid behind me while I took a picture of Zoee. Silly girl.

Evva's favorite was the Heffalump!

Today is Tysen's birthday. Can you believe he is already 1 years old. He is just starting to walk now. I keep warning Meagan and Derrik to get on their running shoes. He is so much like Derrik it's pretty scary! And you know Derrik, he can't stay still.

Watch out girls!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bro. Curtis Jacobs

Our Stake is having a Fireside on May 18 that I thought I should let everyone know about so that you can all plan on coming.
You can even bring your Young Women or YM. or your stake!
The speaker is Bro. Curtis Jacobs
He has many talk CD's out that are AMAZING. And has written many books. (It's easier to listen than to read for me)
I would really like to fill up the gym.
He is driving down from Logan and I would feel so bad not to have a good turnout for him.
I promise, you would not be disappointed. if you would like to come and bring a group...LMK
We would love for you to come.

I'm a Slacker!

For months now I have been giving Desi a hard time because she didn't update her blog. I may have even put a few comments on others blogs "okay now, it's time to update"
Now it's her turn to give me a hard time.
So in defence.....
When I had the girls, I always had something to blog about because they kept life interesting. Cutting hair, cute little remakes.
Now I don't have the girls everyday and I am pretty BORING.
So, for all of you whom would like to know what I would have blogged about....go to the Jones family blog.
I will try and do better.
I could always tell you about what I see and hear at Cyprus each day but MMmmmm that may have to be edited.

Friday, March 7, 2008

1st Day at School

Not to bad. It was actually pretty fun. The lady that I am working with is very nice. They all call her the bulldog. No~not true. She just acts tough cause she loves those kids!
The best part of the job (not the money) it's when I walk into a class and the kids in our stake are excited to see me. It makes my day. It's kind of like when my little Evva or Zoee comes over and puts their arms around my neck or when little Kaylee runs up to me from across the church to give me a hug!
Day 2 is now here. I get to go to an assembly. I use to sluff those. MMmmm this just might be my 1st assembly.
I do have to say that I miss my girls. Hanging out at McDs or going to the library. I look forward to my Wednesdays with them!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back to work again

I was trying to find a good picture of Cyprus High on the internet when I came acrossed this one taken by Cyprus. Okay, this will work. I love it.

So tomorrow I go back to work at~yup~Cyprus. For those of you who knew me when I was in school, you know that I was the queen of sluffing. Yes, me. I know, hard to believe but it's true. Well now here is my pay back for all the frustration I caused all of those good people who tried to get me to go to school. I am going to be a tracker. Mmmmm what's that? I get to check up on all those kids that followed in my foot steps and think it is more important to go out for coffee than to go to class. I never missed my 2nd period class @ Elliott's Cafe.

Yes, I am a little nervous. It's been 4 years since I have worked. I am sure this will be much better though. I will have weekends off, holidays off, summers off and 2 weeks off for Christmas. Who could ask for any better than that. The best is that they are willing to work with watching the girls on Wednesdays. So I have Wednesdays off too.

I can now say that I have the best of all worlds.