Friday, March 25, 2011

House up-date: I finally got another cupboard....One piece at a time.
Duck Trivia:
Where do the ducks carry their eggs?
So my ducks looked like they had 'excuse my words for just a moment'....but, Big boobs! It just wasn't right. One day they were big and then the next they were not which made me stop and think: Where do they carry their eggs? Yep, I was right. In their neck or boobs...which ever.

Now you have learned something I will move on to this past few weeks.
Tysen turned 4 years old. Crazy how fast they grow. We had the family over for cake and ice cream.

of course he got a Thomas the train cake. Not like that is his world - oh wait a is his world.
That weekend we had the girls come over and I let them make a train cake for Tysen. See our Peay boy's like to celebrate there birthday for at least one or two weeks. Ok, Derrik a month :)
This weekend we took the kids and went (or tried) to go up to the cabin. OMG there is so much snow up there. We didn't make it in to the cabin but we stopped long enough to go sledding.

When we got home and everything in the house.....The sun came out. Why am I not use to this kind of weather? I live in Utah!

Last but not least....Bon Jovi.
I have the best husband in the world!! He was so good to take me to see Bon Jovi last Tuesday. We had a blast. Are seats were clear up but it didn't matter. I have not had that much fun in a long time. Bon Jovi put's on an amazing show. I love his music and it doesn't hurt that he is still dang good lookin too. Okay, not as good lookin as my husband but nice eye candy indeed. He has been around for 27 years and I think I have enjoyed his music for 27 years too. Mmmm and I still like his music.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mini Spinnies Mini Studs