Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Okay all you girls camp specialists. I am looking for a short but spiritual activity for FHE at girls camp. If you have any great idea's...Please pass it on to me.


Jones Family said...

an idea...
The Woman in the Saviors life...

7 stations were with a different woman at each station:

Mary -mother of Jesus – Matthew 1:18-25

Woman at the Well- John 4:6-30

10 Virgins – Matthew 25:1-13

Mary and Martha – Luke 10:38-42

Widow – Luke 21:1-4

Mary Magdalene – Luke 24:1-13

Woman diseased – Matthew 9:18-22

Have the young women connect with these women emotionally. They read about them and speak about who we thought they were and what they were feeling, i.e.. the 10 virgins being one who had to leave her unprepared friends behind, the woman at the well being an outsider and still the Savior reached out to her.

At each station beside the young women have adult leaders. The adult leaders are asked the play the part of "modern" versions of these women. Have them be more than just someone they had read about.

Light the path with tea light in a bag with birdseed in the bags for weight.