Friday, June 6, 2008


What a crazy day we have had.

Zoee had a performance up at Lagoon this morning and I had planned on

going with them and taking are all day pass to play the rest of the day.

Desi had some passes too and had left them in her car that Tim ended up

taking to work. Not a big deal cause I had the all day passes that we could

use and we didn't need her tickets.

When we got to Lagoon, I gave the guy the tickets and he had never seen

them before. MMmmmm maybe it was because I grabbed the lunch

ticket and not the entrance tickets.

I ended up going to guest services and the had some discount 'walk in'

tickets. So we went to Zoees performance

She did such a good job.

Then we went and just walked around the park.

The girls were a little disapointed becasue we couldn't go on the rides so we let

them run around in the water.

It was very cold today, and they got very cold, but I think they had fun.

Even the ducks were in the water, just resting.
We used our lunch passes and had some lunch and came home.

The good thing is that we still have those passes and now we can go
again on a little bit nicer (sunny) day.