Friday, June 13, 2008

10 Year Anniversary

Can I just tell you one more time how blessed I am!
I am married to the most wonderful man ever!!
We just celebrated our 10 wedding anniversary and can
I say that it feels like we have been together forever and yet
it was just yesterday we were married.

We got up Thursday morning and got ready to go down to Manti.
Jed came in the house and said "you have got to come see this".
I knew it wasn't' the sun rise because the sun was already up. Nope
it was my cute daughter and granddaughter that had decorated our
garage door. You know, they could have gotten away without us knowing
who it was except for the cute calling card that they left.

When we got to Manti we drove right up to the temple for a session.
We were asked to be the witness couple. As we took our place up in
front, the pianist started to play 'I am a child of God'. It was almost like
my mom was sitting right there with me.

We then went over to our Bed and Breakfast. I absolutely love this place.
Jed and I decided that it was because of the couple that own it. I love
them and don't even really know them. I wanted to take her picture
before we left but she was gone when we went to check out. Next year..

That night we went to the pageant. It was fun to have some of the
youth, leaders and bishop from our ward down there.
The pageant was fantastic and
so was the company. I loved being able to drive a few blocks after the
pageant and go to bed after. The traffic is never fun leaving that place.

Next day we watched My Fair Lady and had breakfast before
heading back to Magna. We really didn't want to leave. It has been
so nice to have Jed to myself (okay so I am selfish) for a couple of
days. He spoils me. Here's to the next 10 years!!!!!


Jones Family said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!