Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Have you ever started your day and nothing seems to go right? Well that is how my day started. Derrik came up and said that he had no hot water. I told him to use ours and then came to find out that we had no hot water or water coming out of our taps. Call me spoiled! I like hot running water in the morning.
I tried to call Jed and he did not answer his phone. That just went along with my day. So I jumped on the computer and looked it up to find out that it was most likely "our hot water heater" was frozen. Oh yea.
Jed finally called me back and told me what I needed to do. I got a heater and put it out side (oh yea....I did say out side) on top of our water heater and closed it up.
Did I tell you that it got to -3 out here last night?
I turned on the hot water in the house, well no water was running so it was like off and went in to feel sorry for my self. You know, one of those HEAVENLY FATHER, PLEASE HELP ME! moments that I have had so many times .....(by the way, this is not our water heater...I got it off of flickr to make it a little more dramatic)
And right at that moment.......I heard water running, yes out of the faucet. It was almost like He was sitting and waiting for me to ask Him for help. No pipes burst! Everything was fine. Oh how grateful I am and then.....a hot bath - yeah! But then it kept coming, almost like He was reminding me that He is very mindful of what we are going through at this time. I got to talk to my 'best friend' from school (Cyprus) who just got sent away. I get way too attached to those stinkin kids at school.....but that story is for another day.
Some sweet people came over and gave Derrik and his family Christmas. Tysen was so excited to see Santa.

He had a big red bag full of presents for his family.

Tysen didn't really know what to think but he liked Santa.

Some of these are blurry...sorry. I had to add them.
He got to look inside his stocking.

Funny thing is he was happy with the candy. Hey, we could all save some money ;)
Tysen ran up and gave Santa a big hug.
I asked Tysen how Santa came, did he bring his reindeer?
Tysen ran to the window to see if he could see them but they must have been on the roof.
To those sweet angels that took care of this family....drove all the way from the north pole "or so it must have seemed" Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You touched my heart tonight.

How blessed we are to have angels like you.
Just look at all the gifts that they left.

Derrik was so worried about how he was going to get anything for his kids this year.
Now ... this is what you missed when you left our home....

Oh yea, Dad checking out the stockings.
He was so excited when he pulled out the toothpaste. I know this is blurry but I had to add it. He had just ran out. Amazing how things like that are a great gift after having to buy it with your own money.

He was like a little kid in the candy store.

It was so funny to me because he acted like it was no big thing while Santa was here but when he was another story.

For a day that started out to be such a bad day, I am now going to bed feeling very blessed. Thank you again for being so good to my family. You will all be in my prayers tonight.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pictures so everyone involved could see Tysen and Derriks cute faces! It was fun to be a part of it. We love you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. This reminds me of many of my Christmas's growing up. It made me cry! :)

Kodelle said...

Sonja, I want to send you a Christmas card but need your address. Please e-mail me: