Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Basketball Pictures

We are in the pre-season of basket ball and as far as the score goes....ummm we won't even talk about that. I will let you know when we do win. Wait.....we did win one JV game so far but anyways,
Our girls are the cutest, funnest girls to be around. To think that these girls here will be graduating in 6 months makes me sad.
I have adopted (or I continue to threaten) this girl. She has lived in foster care for about 14 years of her life. Yes, she will too be graduating but I will still adopt her.

I had to laugh as I was taking these pictures, someone said "wouldn't it be funny if these pictures turned up on facebook" mmmmm....little do they know ;)
The middle girl in the picture below is the funnest girl to watch play. She always has a smile on her face and apologizes when she may hurt another teams player. If you come to one of our games, watch her! She is worth watching.

Like I said, we have some of the cutest girls! Tia, the smallest one...is one tough cookie. I don't think I would mess with her ;)

Here again are my girls.

Check out Lori, always a smile on her face.

Here are the coaches and me.

Sophmore team with Coach Anderson
Junior Varsity team with Coach Reed.

Varsity team with Coach Adams

Wish them luck if you happen to see them walk by. They are the BEST!


Jones Family said...

I love those picts!