Sunday, July 13, 2008

Justins 'Before He Goes On His Mission Luncheon'

The day has come and now gone. We have talked about his farewell for a while now and here it is. We had a full house at church which was really nice. Even though Justin waited until early this morning to write his talk, his talk was very powerful. The spirit was very strong. I don't think there was a dry eye in the chapel.

Many old friends that have moved came back to hear Justin speak. And many friends. 'And he has Many Friends'. I wonder if Justin has any idea how many people he has touched.

I think we had over 100 people come to our house after church for lunch and a good visit. It was fun to see him surrounded by all of his friends.

He enters the MTC on Wednesday. Florida ~ watch out.....Here he comes. They are very lucky to get you as a missionary. Thanks Justin for being such a great example and friend to us. We will miss you.


Litnak Family said...

Can I just say what a BAD day to get sick.. I knew that Justin was speaking and all the fun stuff that was going on, so sad I missed it all. I am very proud of Justin for the great person he has become.