Sunday, May 27, 2012

So this morning I got a call from my Zoee. She told me she was walking home from the Litnaks and she saw a duck with ducklings following behind. The Duck attacked her. Stupid duck!  Well just to make you feel better Zoee, Tweeter attacks me every time I go in...even to feed them.

I can't take a step without him right there!!  It might have something to do with the baby's. Yep, our ducks are going to have ducklings. 
Here are our ducks:
This is Twetter....the male duck and very protective of his lady ducks.

Yes, Karl has to be right in the way. (the goat)

                                           This is our Rose. She has the most white on her chest.
                                         Zoee had to teach me that. I could never tell them apart.

This is our Chloee. She is such a good momma duck
The only time she get's off the nest is to eat, drink water and then
she is right back to the nest. We have 9 duck eggs and yes
1 chicken egg got in somehow. I asked Jed if we could get a
mix between a Duck and a Chicken. He asked me if I had
ever learned about the Birds and the Bee's. WHAT? 
No one taught me anything about how the birds or the bees
do it. I'm not sure I want to learn.  
           The chickens had to get in on the pictures. They were out strutting their stuff.

                  And of course the Goats. They are always in the middle of everything.
I hope you aren't afraid of Duck's Zoee. They would miss their #1 Mom.