Saturday, February 26, 2011

These two ducks are pooped out!

LOL...This is why:

I went out side and looked under a piece of wood and found these. Seven (7) eggs in one night. The most we have seen is two. So we decided that if they are going to lay that many eggs, we had better start eating them. So for breakfast today we had scrambled duck eggs. Mmmm not bad:)

Saturdays have been very busy for us the past month and so it is nice that they have slowed back down. The boys had a visit with the "other" grandma today. For Timmy's visit today they all came over to the house and we took the kids sledding.
That is Timmy on the back of the sled with Isaiha.
It was so much fun.
I am glad that Timmy is okay with us all hanging with him while he plays with his boys.
It's also been nice not having to go to the mall and time the visits. We can now spend more time together as a family. Maybe soon life will settle back down and we can live a normal life again.