Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I have to chuckle just a little to think that here we are (My baby in her 20's) and date night ends up being with Isaiha in the Doctors office. At least we were together, right!

Poor little guy. When I got home from work he kept telling me that he was tired. I took his temperature and it was 104. (Reminded me of the good old day's with Timmy). We went into a night time pediatrics out here in Tooele that will now be our pediatrician. VERY impressed! He sent us to the hospital for chest X-Rays and went back to find out that he has pneumonia. Isaiah kept saying...."NO FLU SHOT". I didn't lie to him about not getting a flu shot but he did get 2 big shots in his legs. They found that he also has Asama and sent us home with a nebulizer and a years worth of prescription for his breathing treatment. That was from 5 pm - 8

Then it was 8 pm at Wal Mart to fill perscriptions
2 am Wal Mart for tylenol-cause I forgot it the 1st time.
4 am fever finally broke and off to sleep we went.
Mmmmm anyone that knows me knows "I like my sleep". Oh well, he is worth it 10 X over again.

Today he is feeling so much better. He keep trying to convince me that he is all better and he can go out side. Hahahah...I don't think so but I am glad he is feeling better.

Jed went back to the Temple tonight. He has been off since we got the boys and has really struggled on if he should go back or not. He had decided that he would quit and stay home but he got too much flak from a few of us. We keep telling him that we need those blessings :)

Life keeps changing ~ who knows where we will be in a year from now. We will just keep our seat belts on.


Dani said...

We switched to that Ped too! They are wonderful there!