Sunday, November 29, 2009

We have had such a nice Thanksgiving weekend. We spent Thanksgiving at Desi and Tim's. Dinner was sooo good! We had everyone but Jeddy this year. We were to bring the turkey but our freezer is so small that we had to wait to buy the turkey. So on Wednesday we went out and guess turkeys. We finally went to Maceys and someone at the store ran into Salt Lake to get more turkeys. After waiting for about a half hour, they finally came and we went home. When we got to Tim and Desi's house.....we forgot the turkey. Oh yea. Tim had got one from work so we ate his turkey.

Friday morning Desi and I did the Black Friday shopping. It was so much fun. I don't really go for anything but to spend time and make memories. Which I did. I love spending time with Des.

Saturday we decided that we had to cook the turkey so we had the Jone's over for dinner. Then we had somores for dessert.

It was fun. Briggs liked them

but it got stuck on his hand. We laughed so hard.

he would shake and shake and it still would not come off.

All in all it was fun.

Look what I got :) Tim and Des got me a area rug.....I love it. I would keep the kids on top too.

To top it off...we went and saw "Blind Side" Very Very good!!!! A must see.
Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.


Jones Family said...

it was fun! Thanks for the memories :D

the lazy reader said...

Oh, how I miss you guys!