Sunday, August 5, 2012

Where is the summer going?

Time flies. I cant believe that we are in August already. I have been trying to figure out what I have done with my time.
     The only new up date on the house would be the carpet in our front room but I think we did that before school got out. I still love it! It sure has made a big difference in the smell of the house. When we pulled up the old carpet it had that rubbery stuff underneath. Ewwww

    We spent a week up at the cabin. Oh it was nice.We all needed to just get away. We hiked, fished slept, played games and ate. Oh yea and we did crafts 
 When we got home from the cabin Jed caught a bunny out in our garden. We walked around the neighborhood to see if it belonged to anyone. Finally some guy said he would take it. We didn't want it eating our garden anymore. Well.....2 days later it showed back up. Derrik and Meagan ran it to the pound and wala....the owner is found after the fact. Yep, sorry Tanessa. She said she didn't care but we still felt bad.
 Desi gave Zoee a surprise birthday party that was fun. She said she had no idea. I can't even believe how old she is getting and yet here I am still jk
I did take the kids back up to Opher. They like to go up and get rocks. If you have never been up there you should go. Its pretty cool.
 I like it to take pictures. This picture will soon be out dated. Yep, one more on the way. Desi is expecting in January. It will be fun to have a baby around again. We are excited.
Besides the 4th the only thing I can think of is, I put up apricots, pickles and soon....tomatoes. Nothing very exciting. Hard to think that I will soon be back to work. I guess I better go have a little more fun before it all comes to an end and the snow begins to fall.


She-Mulk said...

Congrats on Desi's baby! How exciting for all of you! And I know what you mean about summer going too fast and yet you don't know what you've done. Rachel keeps telling me we haven't done anything all summer and yet I feel exhausted, so we must be doing something! LOL!

Jolene_Gary said...

Looks like your summer is flying by as well. I actually go back to work tomorrow, so enjoy the little amount of time you have left. Cute Blog!