Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where did June go?

I guess it is okay that I have been slacking on blogging cause I really have been busy this month. Thank goodness for camera's so I can keep track of things.

Of course 1st...Desi's birthday. I can still remember taking her home from the hospital. Wasn't that just yesterday? She was so beautiful and more beautiful now. I always enjoy when we get family time. Thank goodness those day's of not being with family are now over. Tim and Desi have been such a great strength to us during our last 6 months of our trials. I truly was blessed when she came into my life! MMmmm she was even an easy delivery :)

On fast Sunday we all meet at our old home ward to bless Timmy's little girl Shelby. I can't believe how much she looks like Isaiha. She is so cute!

Then preparing for girls camp. 1st night up there with the YCL's it rained and then came the rainbow. You can't see it in this picture but it was a double rainbow. Oh My was beautiful.
Here is our cute little tent ( I kept calling my cabin). Last year for us setting it up in this spot. Next year we are finding flat ground. Poor Jed. And he thought his back hurt before camp.
Family night with the YCL's was a blast. Have you ever seen the show minute to win it? I hadn't even heard about it until our camp director had us think up some games. Here Steve had to knock over the bottles with his cute little tail in a minute.
This is our Stake Camp Director. What an amazing lady she is. I am trying to absorb all I can from her. Quick story....2 weeks before girls camp we were all called into Pres. Droubay's office to talk about girls camp.
Pres. D.....Sister Bruns, what are we going to do about girls camp
Sister B......We are going
Sister B...Friendship Meadows
Pres.....You do know that the last report we got was 18 inches of snow and it has snowed twice since?
Sister B....Yes
Pres....So let's be realistic.
End of story.....We went to Friendship Meadows. NO SNOW! Ground Dry. Talk about Faith!!
Here is our cute Pres. D. What a sport he is. He was covered in shaving cream and the ycl had a minute to stick at least 8 fruit loops to his face.
Yea, I got to do it to Jed too....LOL it was a blast :D
Tuesday Morning: Theme for this year was CEREAL
We all chose a cereal. These were lucky charms.
These cute girls were Life cereal. Love the earrings!
Here are our cute YCL's. We had such a good group of girls this year. NO DRAMA...yep
We bonded. I even remembered all of there names. That's good for me.
Here is the group..
Camp directors....
Our ward....
I love our girls. Anna is such a crack up!
The priesthood brethren are such good sports.
how can anyone take you seriously?
We had a dance
And we were the Froot Loops. Our slogan was "You toucan be faithful"
Pebbles....the 19th ward. Our ward! Check out, even Meagan was with us this year.
Yes, that is a diaper on his face. You know those stinkin skit bags.
All in all it was a fun camp. 6 mile hike and all.

Then we had Meagans birthday. Once again we are so blessed to have her in our family!!
My highlight was going to spend time with my cute Zoee and her school at Hollywood connection. I got to watch over these cute 3.
Little golf, rides, games and
at the end I think they were a little tires. Me too! It was so fun to be with Zoee. I am glad she had invited me to go.
Now my focus is on trek. I finished the journals and took them into the printers. Fingers crossed - I hope they will turn out good. The lady at the printers said that I had done a good job. That was nice to hear. I have been working on them now for 3 months. If anyone is going on trek and needs a journal....I have one all ready for you.

Things are looking good on our home front. If all goes well, Tim will get full custody back with in the next 3 months. Then it's back to life and ...Grandma day!